My name is Andrew and I live in a small place on southern China called Hong Kong. I do a lot of stuff in Hong Kong I play rugby with friends, play ice hockey with friends, golf with friends and football or soccer. In Hong Kong I have loads of friends, some from rugby some from school and some go to my school and play rugby. Some of my friends have blogs like Paul ( I am Andrew and I hope you like my blog and website.
3/17/2010 12:24:16 pm

Andrew, I have seen a team practicing rugby but I have not seen an actual game. I love sports and coach high school volleyball. I really like watching american football, baseball and college basketball. There is just very little rugby in our area. Is it super fun? It looks like it would be.

3/18/2010 02:44:01 am

i love to watch football and hockey. whats your favorite teams?

3/21/2010 08:58:29 pm

thanks for putting my website on your blog and that birthday paragraph is really good you are one lucky guy with presents


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