Today we had a tournament at ,our home training ground, HKFC (Hong Kong Football Club). In the morning I got up and went we warmed up. Then played our first game against DB Dragons (discovery bay dragons) which we won 1-0. Then our second match was against Tai Tam two ,Eric and Nathan's team, which we won 1-0 again. Our match to get us into the cup was a hard one, against KCC 1 I don't know what KCC 1 stands for and we lost 1-0. So then we were into the plate quarter final against KCC 3 and won 3-0. Then our plate semi final game was against our football club two which was a very tight match which we lost 2-1. Then I don't know if football club two won the plate. I think I didn't play my best but over all the team played well.
Some time ago my school had what I think is our first school news paper called the "Compass". I read all the articles yesterday they were very interesting. In there was one about the HKA boys soccer team that was wrote by Aaron Francis and Murray Goebel. Winning a soccer tournament called ACIMAS, the soccer tournament was held in Guan Zhou which they won with only conceding three goals and scoring 21! Then the second article was about Point Of Information by Jake Riordan and Dylan Sparks which was very interesting again. The second last one was about Artists In Residence by Michelle Geffner and Emma Seay. What they said about it was what happens and what it was like compared to last year and who came and participated. The last article was about two girls which have passion and have fun dancing which are Elsa Helmer and Shannon King. This was written by Meagan Scantlebury. She wrote about what type of dancers they are and what type of dancing they like.
This is an essay I did which was a compare and contrast essay about Jewish and Christian weddings.
Today we went to the Chi Lin Nunnery at Kowloon. This time we didn't have a tour guide so we just went around the place and observed. We went because we wanted to learn about the culture Buddhism. When we were there we got split up into our camp tent groups. Looked at where they prayed and who they prayed at they seemed to be praying at Buddha, and they also had like very interesting looking rocks they were like they were man made but it was actually natural the rocks were like marble. I thought the Buddhism culture was a very peaceful culture but I'm not saying the other cultures were not peaceful it was just very nice sorroundings. I think the nunnery was very different to the other places we went.
My class had another field trip this week. We went to the Islamic mosk. First we went to the sixth floor to learn about Islam. It was very long and pretty interesting we asked questions and we answered. After we learnt a bit about the Islamic culture we went down and looked at the woman praying place the woman have to where head coverings but the boys don't and then we went to see the mens. We went and saw the days and times of when they pray and in the room right next to us was a place where people gather and a man reads something from a stand. Then we put back on our shoes and said bye and we left.
Today my class had the history fair. this year it seemed shorter than lasts years one but it was still good. The events were Gladiators, Castle defense Roman gods, Torture chamber, Becoming a knight, Pyramid building, Dress up, Heiroglyphics, Oracle, Interview with a pharaoh, Mummification and Gods and goddesses game. I did only two stations which was Torture Chamber where I got my limbs pulled off. The other was Oracle. What they do is they ask you to ask a yes or no question and the gods will tell you the answer. For example, my question was "will I be a successful rugby player" and the answer was yes. Yay, so yeah there was also this gladiator fight where two students fought as gladiators. When one of them lost, we voted if we should let him live or not. We chose not to, so then this grade one kid comes up and starts slashing the sword wildly at him. It was hilarious. So that was pretty much our history fair.
My first two goals are school based goals. The first is that I want to try to do  school work on my own. The second is to try again and again when I get things wrong. My third goal is to try to improve my handwriting by trying different styles and making my letters neater. if you want to know what this ATV (quad biking/adventure website) is read my Holiday blog and all my posts about my holiday in Phuket and if the link doesn't work type it in to the address bar.