My class is having an exhibition about sharing the planet, and my subject is wastage of electricity. Which I am doing  with two other great people called Matthew and Thomas. I think my group is doing pretty well. One of the things I need to improve on is committing more to my group. Like doing homework or doing more work in class time. I also need to improve on being prepared because when ever it's time for exhibition I'm never prepared. All in all I think my group is doing pretty well and I can't wait to see what we accomplish.
In the beginning of the year we did a sheet which is below about the three profiles we think we are. I chose Caring, Open-minded and balanced. I think I have changed one of those profiles because I think now I am more of a communicator than I am balanced. I think I am a communicator because I really like having a conversation with someone on any subject.
Wednesday and Thursday I was a ball boy at a rugby tournament at the foot ball club GFI rugby tens. I was a ball boy last year at the tens and this year was even better than last year. This year was better because they made a kids zone. So if you got bored watching the rugby you could just go play in the bouncy castle for a while. We also had a very famous sevens player playing for one of the teams called the Hong Kong Barbarians. The famous player was Serevi! Who used to play for Fiji in the sevens. Even though he was playing it was pretty disappointing watching him because he wasn't nearly as good as he used to be. His team did pretty well, the winners of all the silver wear were, the wild titans winning the shield, the bowl winners were either chairmans X or Hong Kong football club. The plate and cup were two very good matches but honestly I thought the plate was more exiting. I don't remember who won the plate but I do remember the cup with Aliens cup winners last year beating Samurai. I was a really good game but right from the start I thought Aliens looked like the stronger side. The tens were really fun and were better than last years ball boying. 
I am really disappointed about what's been happening to the earth and it's starting to get really serous. One of the things that have really scared me about pollution and everything is the ozone layer. For example on Tuesday this week we were not allowed to go outside for recess because of the level of pollution. I mean like it's getting really serious and we need to take action. It would just be awesome if everyone helped and it would be so much better.
My birthday was on March sixteenth on Tuesday. I woke up in the morning hearing the sound of someone blowing up balloons. I stayed in bed a bit longer and got greet in by my younger brother Angus why is four years old. He went into my room and said in the sweetest voice, "Happy Birthday". I went down stairs and opened all my presents I opened my one from my mum and dad last and got a macbook pro! I was so happy with all my presents. I got birthday cake for breakfast! I left for school and got sung happy birthday to about five times which was really nice. I had a great day at school and I was so happy with all my presents and having fun with my family. All my presents were really good as I told you before my macbook pro, half ripstick half scooter, a t-shirt saying I sass allergic to home work and another rugby playstation game called rugby 08.

It was wednesday and it was the day where we came in as an author or a book character, I was greg from a "Diary of a Wimpy Kid." We started of the day having our assembly with everyone coming up and saying who they were, which was really interesting about what everyone had to say. The rest of the day was mostly regular and I had golf with Oscar and Leo after school on wednesday's as usual.

Thursday my party! On Thursday I had my paintball party with all my friends from rugby and school. I was pretty annoyed because Pierre didn't come because of the time his school ends. School finished with loads of my friends saying "it's time for paintball." Everyone got on the bus ready to go and I was so happy about what was going to happen. There was a bit of confusion about James and if he was coming on the bus or meeting us there but when that got sorted we were of. We arrived having to wait about ten minutes then we got in had the briefing got dressed and were all ready to go. The first game was a good game I don't really remember that game. The second game was better having three people from the other team go out and one of ours go out so we won that. The second game was capture the flag with us defending I got shot about halfway through the game in the out and went up to watch from the second floor. We had our second game of capture the flag but this time we were trying to get the flag. We shot about three or four people and there were still about four guys left. They were all in the sniper tower with no one defending the flag, so I just ran as fast as I could from halfway out and got the flag! It was time for the fifth game and after swapping around some people it was "kill the leader,", none of our leaders got shot and it was a tie. It was now the sixth and final game which was capture the flag but you have to defend and attack you also have to get the flag and bring it back to your base that we tied. We left paintball headquarters in Kowloon to the football club for rugby, soccer and birthday cake. I also got so many good presents and we had such a good time playing rugby and soccer. It was one of the best birthday's ever.
My name is Andrew and I live in a small place on southern China called Hong Kong. I do a lot of stuff in Hong Kong I play rugby with friends, play ice hockey with friends, golf with friends and football or soccer. In Hong Kong I have loads of friends, some from rugby some from school and some go to my school and play rugby. Some of my friends have blogs like Paul ( I am Andrew and I hope you like my blog and website.
Saturday and Sunday was a really fun and active weekend. I woke up like really early in the morning thinking it was my ice hockey play off games. I was to exited and forgot it was tomorrow on Sunday. I was pretty annoyed, and I thought today was going to be really boring day. I was completely wrong on Saturday I went to a soccer tournament at kings park at Kowloon. The tournament was great and we did really well, our first game we drew 0-0. Our second game we were ready to win but we tied again with the same score. The pool matches ended and we were tied with the same amount of points as a team called football academy. We had to do a coin toss to make sure who was first in our group. We unfortunately lost the coin toss and were second. Now we went into the knock out stages. we won our first game in the quatar final by about five goals against our fifth team. We were now in the semi-final against KCC (Kowloon cricket club) which we lost 1-0 one of the most closest games. Soccer ended and I stayed around and the Hong Kong rugby team I think it was U16 were practicing, and Paul's brother was in the team. The final's were over with KCC winning the plate and Tai Tam two won the cup. I got the best player medal for the second time!

In the morning on Sunday I woke up early for an ice hockey match. The ice hockey match was great in the first two period's we were winning 2-1, but in the third period they scored two goals and we lost 3-1. We lost but I scored the second goal, I was coming round the side of the boards and when I got close to the goal I shot and scored in the top corner and I went crazy! Ice hockey ended with us loosing but we played a better game. I left ice hockey with my dad straight to the football club for the rugby tournament. Finally arriving early and having to wait four hours before the games I hung out with some of my friends. My first match was against DEA tigers which we drew 0-0 I think we were asleep and we should of won if we were awake. Our second game was against Tristan's team "Sandy Bay" which won 1-0 I think we also didn't play as well in that match but it was just a warm up for our next match against valley fort our rivals. Valley Fort was Paul's team and we regularly lose against them but this time we went on thinking what my dad the coach said play like you did in the Kuala Lumpur plate final, aggressive. We won! A hard working 1-0 when we won we went crazy and we were the first team to beat them. We were all screaming with joy and jumping I didn't get to carried away and we started to shake their hands. I then went to tristan's house for a quick but fun time. I went that night home and was so happy after winning our last game of the season against Valley Fort!
Pajama day is on tenth, Wednesday to start of literacy week where everyone comes to school in there pajama's. Pajama day is a day where for the younger grade's parents come in pajamas and read them stories. Since we are in the last year of primary we went over to the middle school in groups. We had people read to us in different rooms, my favorite book was a book called "Skullduggery peasant" it was a book about a child called Sophie and her rich grandfather died and she had inherited her grandfathers mansion and money.
    On Thursday the twelve, I went over two CDNIS (Canadian International school ) and I did a test to apply there. Which included English math and a piece of writing we had to do at the very end. I finished he test and was so happy to see my mum, we left the Canadian school and went to the football club and had lunch. I didn't go to school after so I just went home and played a bit of play station. Tomorrow I have a huge and tiring weekend coming up with a soccer tournament on Saturday, Brendan coming over after, a early morning ice hockey match for the play offs and a rugby tournament in the afternoon.
For our unit of Inquiry we are doing an exhibition about sharing the planet. I need to think about to things to focus on in this exhibition. At the moment my two favorite ideas are water pollution and wastage of electricity. I'm interested in water pollution because it is important to humans and animals, I also think it would be good to know about water pollution. I am interested in electricity because it is one of the resources we used mostly now. 
Yesterday on Friday the fifth my school had sports day at the aberdeen sports ground. I regularly don't enjoy sports day because it's not really sports just games. I went to school on friday and took money, my ice hockey skates and my ice hockey gloves which were all for after sports day.
 The day before sports day my class came up with a chant for our house the blue dragons. It didn't rhyme so we just made a quick one up before we went to sports day. Our first event was a soccer event. In the event you had to go round some cones then shoot against a goalie, if you went over another set of cones at the end and you scored it wouldn't count. We finished our first event then had a rest. We got up when the announcer announced our class to go to a baseball event where you had to hit a softball of the tee one of my friends Paul got the farthest hit for the boys. I can't remember all the events in order but my two favorite was the events where you had to throw a tennis ball to each other, then one you've got it all the way down the line of people in your team the person at the end runs all the way back, then you do it again until everyone has had a go running. My second favorite events are tide with two events called buckets o' fun and late for school. Buckets o' fun is a game where there are two teams and you have to get water from one big bucket and put it into smaller buckets using sponges. Late for school is a game where you have to put clothes over your clothes and try to get dressed quickly, then you run to your line tag the next person but he/her doesn't start running the person has to undress then run back and tag the next person then he or she runs. The most popular bit of sports day is the fifty and hundred meter races which I did really well in coming fourth.
    I left sports day with some people from my class to do some ice skating organized by Lynda, oscars mum. We got to elements and had a really fun time skating. We had dinner and had a really good time eating at a place called "Stormies" and they had the best ribs in the world. It was the best sports day ever.