Yesterday on Wednesday I had my parent teacher conferences. I think my conference with my parents and teachers went really well, showing them work I did in the year. I showed them work that I did well at and work that I learnt from. We talked about my goals that I made at the beginning of the school year and what goals I have changed. I was really pleased and I thought that I did really well explaining the reasons for changing my goals and why I chose those goals, like being more of a communicator than balanced. We also talked about UOI and my strengths weaknesses and subjects I did well on and subjects I learnt from. I think I did very well saying how I did in my timeline and them asking and answering questions about it. The rest of the conference went very well with me talking about what I have learnt and achieved in the year. I was happy with how much my parents thought I had improved and learnt. When we discussed my goals we talked about one of my goals that I still had to achieve which was handwriting. I have an idea for making my handwriting more neater by first trying to write all my blog posts by hand in cursive then copying them onto the computer.  I really enjoyed my conference and all the rest of them with them all going really well.
This is a blog post about what I'm going to tell you in my subjects. This year I think I have achieved many things. I want to achieve most of my goals and make new goals.
My goals
    In January I made goals for the year. I think the goals I set myself were a good set of goals for me to achieve. I may not achieved one of them but I will try to. I will keep one of the goals like I will try to finish homework on my own. I think I have achieved my goal that if I get something wrong I will try again and again. My goal that I still really need to achieve is my handwriting and make it neater. The goal that is the most important to me is my handwriting goal.
This year we have done many units of inquiry. I think my best piece of work for unit is my timeline blog post on paper which I think I did very well in. I think I have achieved from my communities unit because I didn't do my best work in communities because I didn't really try and I have improved from that. My short term goal for UOI is to do more homework on my unit. My long term goal is to be more independent by deciding what I have to do on my own and trying to do it on my own before I ask for help.
A few weeks ago Andy asked us to look at our profiles that we said we do for the beginning of the year. We had to say what three main profiles we are from the IB learner profile and if we have changed. I think that one of the profiles I have wrote has changed for me and that I am now more of a communicator than balanced. I think that because I really like communicating with people and I do it a lot.  Here is the blog post I wrote about my profiles.
During this year I think I have improved on math in many ways. I Think the subject in math that I have improved the most in is my multiplication and secondly my long division. I have made progress on this because I now know much more tables from doing fiz buzz which is a game we play, and our speed tests we did in the beginning of the year. My long term goal for math is to learn even more of my times table up to ten or even twelve. For my short term goal I want to have a better attitude to math and not always be negative.

Over this year I have learnt very new and different things by different teachers and I hope to progress even more in the future. I look forward to other times when I get to learn something new. Thank you for reading my parent teacher conference blog post. I also wrote another blog post about my last Parent Teacher Conference which is also another example of what I used to write like see that in my Parent teacher conference writing blog post.
I think my writing has really improved from some of my first blog posts to my blog posts now. I have really focused on my writing from the beginning of the year to now. I think the piece of writing that really showed me as a writer in the beginning of the year is my Phuket four piece. Because it really shows what I used to be like as a writer and how much I have improved. One of the pieces that show me as a writer now is my Hong Kong Sevens piece. That piece has really showed what I have improved on since my Phuket four blog post. I also have a rubric that I have done to asses my Hong Kong sevens piece of writing. I hope my writing will improve even more from this.
Right now I am writing to you from Phuket, Thailand. I arrived just yesterday on a budget airline which came in at about twelve O'clock. For easter holiday we are staying in a hotel called the "Sheraton." We are not staying in our usual hotel the Laguna holiday club which are both in Laguna. Laguna is a lagoon on the coast of Phuket which has many hotels and villas for people to live in, it also has a wedding chapel and a shopping centre called "Canal Village." I also went to Laguna at Christmas so if you want to read that go to my Holiday blog. 

I have just come back from a swim at the Laguna Holiday Club with some friends, Jack and Kara and going down the water slide a couple of times. It's been a bit different staying at the Sheraton but it is still really fun. After we got home from the holiday club me and my dad went to the entrance of the beach and played some table tennis and pool. I went straight from that to a fish therapy place where special type of fish eat of your'e dead skin on your feet and hands. My mum Scott, Angus, mum and dad all went over to a bar where all my friends from Hong Kong were. We went to an ice cream shop and after that we went to the lagoon and swam in it and brought canoes on the lagoon and had a lot of fun pushing each other off. We also went to the laguna beach swimming pool and went down the slide a couple of times and me Liam, Jack and Ryan (Liam's brother) kept landing on top of each other. It was so fun and it was hilarious we also played some water polo but never got around to it because the guards stopped us. The next post I make will be in my Holiday blog so if you want to read about it or some other places I've been to on holiday go to my Holiday blog.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday In March is always the best in Hong Kong. Those three days are the Hong Kong Sevens! Everyone party's there's music and there is really good fast rugby. The IRB rugby sevens are teams that go all around the world and it started in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong sevens are always the best. Last year at the sevens I had a friend that stayed over called Emily which was on her gap year. This year she came again with her brother Tom who was on his gap year. We din't just have them staying from overseas england we also had my second cousin Janie and her daughter Shany staying from Australia. They all were really fun.

The sevens itself this year was as fun and as good as every other year.There was really tense rugby and it was just fun, I also got on the big screen twice! Friday was a good day with the first pool matches with me and paul watching in my box.

Saturday is always a great day for me I spent the whole day in Tristan's box watching rugby for the whole day. I also got Gareth's Edwards signature. I had never heard of Gareth Edwards but Tristan and his dad said he was the best rugby player ever. I had loads of fun with Tristan that day but I went back to my box for the couple last games.

Sunday's games are always the best. because on Sunday all the games are really close and it is the finals. The Shield was a good set of games and Hong Kong were in the Shield! The first Shield quatar final was Zimbabwe VS Thailand which Zimbabwe won knocking Thailand out of the tournament and putting them into the Shield semi final. The next Shield quatar final was China VS Russia which Russia won knocking China out and putting Russia in the Shield semi final against Zimbabwe. It was the next quatar final and everyone was cheering for the same team HONG KONG! With loads of support Hong Kong beat Korea making a place for them in the Shield semi final. It was now Chinese taipei VS Italy, Italy won putting them in the semi final against Hong Kong. The first Semi final was Zimbabwe VS Russia which Russia won a very close 17-14 so we said bye to Zimbabwe and Russia was in the Shield final. The next semi final was a big game Hong Kong VS Italy, Hong Kong won a very happy victory against Italy 21-14! It was the Shield final Hong Kong VS Russia, and everyone was cheering for Hong Kong it was a really tight game and in the end Hong Kong won the Shield 17 to Russia 19 to Hong Kong! Everyone went absolutely wild as they lifted the 2010 Hong Kong sevens Shield.

The bowl was good with the first quatar final being Argentina VS Wales, which Wales won and got into the bowl semi final. The next bowl match was Scotland VS Japan I really wanted scotland to win because I'm from there and they did! I will skip all the quatar finals and go to the semi finals of the bowl now. The first semi final was Wales Scotland, it was a very depressing lose with the score 26-7 so Wales were in the final. The next bowl semi final was Canada portugal which Canada won. It was now the bowl final with Canada winning in a very one sided game.

It was now the cup and Plate the best game out of that was England VS Australia. I wanted England to win because I'm also from England and they did in one of the most closest games in the tournament. In the Plate semi finals it was USA Australia which Australia won 21-12. The next semi final was South Africa Kenya which South Africa won 19-12. The plate final was a good game with Australia winning the plate. The first cup semi final was Samoa England with Samoa winning and going into the final. The next game was Fiji VS New Zealand everyone was expecting Fiji to win but New Zealand made an upset with them winning. The cup final the best game in the tournament was won by Samoa with them winning the cup! That was the 2010 Hong Kong sevens.