Today on Wednesday twenty sixth of may we had our school music concert and art exhibition. This years music concert was very different from all the other school music concert it was in a real theatre called civic square theatre. Halfway through today it was the K3-grade one concert. At school. The younger grades sang lots of very nice songs. My two brothers were in that concert Angus was in the youngest grade singing "A Sailor Went to sea," "I can play on the big bass drum" and Thank you thank you mummy. My other brother called Scott in grade one sang "Its a small world" and "Oh what a happy day." With the other younger grades singing such other great songs. 

   School ended and I went to go and play golf with Leo and Oscar which was really fun. I went home with mum had a shower and got ready for the music concert. I arrived and I was late, me and Oscar had a solo piece to do together and we were the second act of the night, playing the "Pink Panther." When we were about to go on to play me and Oscar were both really nervous, but I guess that nervous feeling made us play our best and we did fantastic. Me and Oscar finished and went backstage. All our classmates were complementing us. We had to wait a long time until our class could go on and play our instruments. I don't think I have said what instrument I play I play the trumpet. The grade five band played three songs our first song was "Latin Fire" our second was "Attack of the slide trombones" and "Guantanamera." We all went to the art exhibition after the concert and I toke a photo with my piece of work. We also looked at my Scott's piece of art work. We couldn't find Angus' work for some reason. We left civic square theatre and went to the Football club to have dinner. I am now home about to go to bed for tomorrow and thinking about how great everyone did in the concert.
In my class in school we have been working on a exhibition for the past eight weeks. Last week on Thursday and Friday we presented all our work to classes around the world and our school. We were able to show schools around the world our work by having jobs such as a V-tour. If your job was to be a V-tour their would be two of you, one carrying around a computer with a camera and microphone and a presenter in front of the computer taking you around the exhibition.
    My group also presented all our work. I think we actually did pretty well. We presented very well by clearly speaking to people about our action and research. We did very well because we didn't have any games like that but we still attracted a lot of little kids. We not only did well presenting we also got a lot of people to sign up to put reminders in their classroom. I really enjoyed being asked questions by people visiting our exhibit.
    I think I did well when someone asked me about our topic I always knew the answer. I think I was also very interactive with everyone that came to our exhibit I also asked them to put comments, if they wanted to. When In did a job such as a blogger, guide, knowledge bank, journalists and V-tour. I think when I did all those jobs I didn't get distracted and doing the right thing. The only time I think I didn't do so well on doing a job is when I was a guide I didn't really do anything and didn't help anybody.
     In the process of getting all the information, planning and working I haven't done such a great job at. I hope that how I did in the exhibition payed off for me not doing such a good job preparing. I think me and my group did very well in the exhibition by the help of our mentor the school counselor Thomas Battiato.
      Click here to go to our exhibition website with a blog and all about our exhibition.
I think for new bloggers that have not been blogging for a long time should just write what they think. I think that because when I first started I started saying to myself don't write a list of things I did write what I did and why. A good blog post should also have good punctuation by putting full stops, commas and not over using explanation marks. I think that a good subject you should write about is subjects you liked and thought were interesting. You could also write about things you do outside of school and why you enjoy them. If it is your first time blogging you should visit some other more experienced writers and learn from their blogs. If you don't know any people's blogs you can read, read your teachers or someone that is famous maybe because some famous people have blogs.

I have been in a blogging competition and have been sick for a pretty long time I'm really disappointed because I was to sick to even write blog posts! I'm sorry I haven't been blogging for a while and I will try and get back into the habit of blogging regularly.
I have made a rubric with my group and we are going to score ourselves. We have chosen to mark ourselves looking at our working over this unit. This is another reflection for my exhibition (our current unit) and one of my most important reflections. For our rubric below we have consnidered the working of our cooperation, productivity, organisation, planning and communication.

I think I have not done so well in my unit by not doing that well towards my group and towards myself. I do not look at myself being very cooperative with my group by sometimes getting annoyed and arguing with them about the wrong things. I do not think I have been productive in the exhibition by sometimes finding work to do and having good ideas but getting distracted pretty easily. I think I could of made better choices of how to use my time and better choices of what work I could of done, by not doing something that is just wasting time. My organization has been much better than all the others because I think on the rubric I should be a two and a half because I bring my work and its in the right places but its not always done in a acceptable fashion. I think my planning has not been good by choosing for me having a one and a half on the  rubric I never know what to do without assistance from my group or a teacher. I think my communication has been pretty good with giving myself a two and a half I can communicate well with my group members but I think I don't communicate with the mentor enough. I think I could of done better in this unit and I want to improve from this.


Two boxes shaded means the mark is half way between both numbers.
As I have told you before our class is doing a exhibition about global issues. There are many different groups in our exhibition and my group is wastage of electricity. We have done and made a lot of ways for taking action with the people in my group. The people in my group are two people called Matthew and Thomas. I think my group is pretty well prepared for the exhibition, but we still have to do a couple of things like make our display and stuff like that. The best piece of work I think I did for the exhibition is my letter to the government. I have wrote a letter two them saying reasons for wastage of electricity and ways to save it. So I think we are going to do very well and I think we have done pretty well as a group.