A couple of days ago I had my first parent teacher conference of the year. The parent teacher conference is when a student comes in to the classroom and talks about what work you have been doing for the first few of weeks.  We talked about my short term and long term goals for the first term. 

We had lots of types of different goals, like one type of goal was my personal goal.  this goal is to beat "Valley Fort" rugby team before the end of the season.  We also talked about three other school based goals.  These were about maths, literacy and  organization.

When we entered the classroom I got very nervous and I was worried about what things Andy (my teacher) was going to say to me and my mum and dad.  It didn't end up how I thought it was going to be.  It was less scary than I thought  it would be, but I was still relieved when it was finished.
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Grade 5 Blog: Guidelines

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