Today we just went to what I think was the best temple/church. The priest that told us about the history of christianity is called Father Desmond he told us lots of story's from moses to him meeting someone who wanted to be christian to this day.

  He didn't just tell us stories, he told us about what was inside the church. For example every sunday a priest comes up to a stand which is a golden eagle. The priest reads from the bible which is on a stand shaped like an eagle. Since Christians  think that the eagle is the most powerful bird they think the eagle can spread the word about christianity. So that's mostly it but I could go on and on about the stories he told us, but that's really all I can tell you... oh yeah he also gave us like a puzzle to do after.
Yesterday we visited the Sikh temple ,it is on the end of Stubs road, it was very interesting when we entered.  Before we came we had to cover our hair with a bandana, scarf anything that covers your hair.  So when we entered we had to take off our shoes and socks also wash our hands.  Then we entered where people pray we saw two people praying when we were in there we saw more people coming and going.  To show respect to the Sikh religion we stood in front of this little coffin like thing and we prayed to it and walked around it in a certain direction.  When we walked around it a man gave us some sort of mashed up fruit that I can't describe and a fruit a banana or an apple.

Then after that we went upstairs to learn more about the Sikh religion then after that we went down stairs to eat.  What I really liked was the curry that they gave us but what I liked even more was that it was free I mean like anybody could go down there and have a meal then after that we went back to school and discussed it.
Today we had our buddies, this was a special buddy session because we focused on one thing today and that was showing our buddies how to make a voicethread.  Our buddies were making pictures on "kids pix" to put into they're voicethread.  Then at the end of buddies I think I had a really good time with my buddy Jack and I think he did too.
We are starting a new unit about religion so far we have done something called bag of beliefs.  We brought in what we appreciate and like or what we believe in I brought a rugby ball, golf ball, my ice hockey jersey, a photo album and a apple.

I had fun doing this because I got to no mare about people in my class and what they appreciate and believe in.
At the end of school today we had a new volunteering director for our school.  I forgot his name but he seems like a really good guy for our principal.  We were able to interview him, both classes came up with good questions and we all think he's a good director for the school but I shouldn't speak to soon we have two other volunteers who would like to take the job so I just really hope we get to interview them as well.

We asked questions like how long do you plan to stay at the school and what changes will you make.  He answered all the questions well and we liked him I'm thinking he could be the new director.
Today to the farewell to the Artists we had a big assembly to say thanks and bye.  It was fun.  It was even better when we got to wander around the primary school and the middle/high school we got to see recorded performances, pieces of art and our very own Rainbow Serpent.  It was so fun I even got to see my two brothers preform.
Today we had our last day of creating a serpent with our artist Miguel.  The serpent turned out great.  We hung it up and it looks fantastic in the art room.  On the serpent we put a body made out of bottles, the tale made out of bottles as well, the head and neck made out of big bottles and what we put on the head was eyes made out of paper, horns made out of milk cartons and the tongue made out of a toy fish's tale.

I think after that great experience with Miguel I will always know that you can get a job done at any speed only if everyone works together.  So I think it was a great time and I had loads of fun and the serpent turned out amazing.

We also had a different artist today, he was a musician.  We made a chorus which was about Maryln Monroe. the lyrics are like this "How she died we don't know the beautiful Maryln Monroe."  And I don't remember the rest but if me and my friends sang the chorus would sound really good and that was really fun as well.
Today we had our second day of Artists In Residents we have started making the body of the serpent.  We are making the body out of bottles.  We have been assigned  a color,  I was assigned my favorite color green.  I painted two bottles today but tomorrow I will paint much more and start putting the scales on.

We had a look at what materials we could use to cover the bottles.  The groups of colors didn't have to all cover the bottles using the same idea, they could use different materials or paint.  So tomorrow we will finish off the bottles and put them together to make the rainbow serpent's body.
For artists in residents we got a artist witch makes sculptures and paintings.  The name of the man we have is called Miguel he came from spain. we are making a sculpture of the myth called the rainbow serpent it's a story about the aboriginals from australia. We are trying to make the serpent out of cardboard plastic bottles etc...

So far we have done the sketching of the serpent and the materials we think we need to make the serpent. now we are thinking about where to hang the serpent.

The artists in residents thing is a big thing in my school after we make our project we put it on display.



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I had the best school camp I could ever have when I left on Monday 20th of October 2009 and arrived back on Friday the 23.   I regularly don't like camp.   I usually get home sick and miss everybody at home but this year I had the best time I could ever have at camp, but I got a little home sick but it wasn't much.

We went abseiling down a huge cliff, rock climbing  on natural rock and doing the tyrolean.  Then what really made it great was that me and my best friend Tristan got paired up together for tent groups.   I also got put with two other great guys called Omer and Osama.  We had a great time but we didn't work together in the day as we had a different group for the activities.

I think my best memory about camp was the abseiling, it was my best memory because that first look over that cliff was the most memorable thing I could remember at that camp.  My worst memory was the squatty potty because I'll never forget how gross and smelly those toilets were.