Today was the last day of school and now it's christmas brake! now we have three weeks off. Usually it's two but we had one week short in easter so we have one extra week of christmas holiday! i'll be just hanging around for the first week and meeting up with friends that havn't left yet. So what I have been doing to start of the brake is that I have made a couple of elf yourself videos. Which you can see on videos it has my family and friends, anyway we fly out on the ninetenth to phuket to a really nice complex called "Laguna." In laguna we are staying in the hotel the "Laguna Holiday Club."

  From now on until I tell you if the holiday is over I'll be putting posts in my everyday blog.
Every year we have something witch I think is fabulous and respectful, it's the cultural food festival. The cultural food festival in Hong Kong Academy is when everybody gets dressed up as their nationalities then goes over to the middle/high school for a parade of countries. In the parade countries go on stage with their country flag and then doctor Andy says a fact about that country. What doctor Andy said about Scotland ,witch I went as, is that their national animal is a unicorn witch I never new about.

 Then after the parade we we had music performances organized and taught by miss merendino who did a great job. In our first performance we had the 9th and 10th band but before that we had a poem by one of the younger grades and then we had about three more performances.

Then after all that we went up to eat all the delicious food up on the rooftop it was so good I ...I it was just so good and if I move school's for next year I will definitely miss all those really good fresh international food.