For artists in residents we got a artist witch makes sculptures and paintings.  The name of the man we have is called Miguel he came from spain. we are making a sculpture of the myth called the rainbow serpent it's a story about the aboriginals from australia. We are trying to make the serpent out of cardboard plastic bottles etc...

So far we have done the sketching of the serpent and the materials we think we need to make the serpent. now we are thinking about where to hang the serpent.

The artists in residents thing is a big thing in my school after we make our project we put it on display.
11/8/2009 09:26:02 pm

Good description. Where do you think will be the best place to hang it??

11/9/2009 09:38:08 am

It's a good post. I don't think we are gonna be able to finish it by the end of the week

11/9/2009 09:41:43 am

I liked what you wrote because it describes everything we did on day #1


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