Today we had our last day of creating a serpent with our artist Miguel.  The serpent turned out great.  We hung it up and it looks fantastic in the art room.  On the serpent we put a body made out of bottles, the tale made out of bottles as well, the head and neck made out of big bottles and what we put on the head was eyes made out of paper, horns made out of milk cartons and the tongue made out of a toy fish's tale.

I think after that great experience with Miguel I will always know that you can get a job done at any speed only if everyone works together.  So I think it was a great time and I had loads of fun and the serpent turned out amazing.

We also had a different artist today, he was a musician.  We made a chorus which was about Maryln Monroe. the lyrics are like this "How she died we don't know the beautiful Maryln Monroe."  And I don't remember the rest but if me and my friends sang the chorus would sound really good and that was really fun as well.