Today was the first day back after Chinese new year, and everything is back to normal. This morning I slept in and couldn't get up after I woke up and went on the computer to do some homework I took a taxi to school. When I got there everyone was quietly doing work. When it was time for lunch the trumpets in our grade five band had to go down to tutor the grade fours. After lunch we had typing and I'm only two levels away from completing the whole typing grade expectations. When we finished typing we had a mandarin test for the placing of beginners, intermediates and advanced. 
  This week I'm going away on Friday to Kuala Lumpur which I'll wright about in my Holiday blog. Like I said everything is back to normal school, ice hockey practice (Tuesday), golf but I have stopped trumpet for the month (Wednesday) and I will be in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur for Friday Saturday and Sunday. I have been to Kuala Lumpur once last year and I was captain. I think we did really well because we won the plate! This year were looking for the cup. Oh and did I mention I'm in the blogging challenge which everyone around the world is participating in. If you would like to check out my country counter in my sidebar I have one person from Australia!