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I had the best school camp I could ever have when I left on Monday 20th of October 2009 and arrived back on Friday the 23.   I regularly don't like camp.   I usually get home sick and miss everybody at home but this year I had the best time I could ever have at camp, but I got a little home sick but it wasn't much.

We went abseiling down a huge cliff, rock climbing  on natural rock and doing the tyrolean.  Then what really made it great was that me and my best friend Tristan got paired up together for tent groups.   I also got put with two other great guys called Omer and Osama.  We had a great time but we didn't work together in the day as we had a different group for the activities.

I think my best memory about camp was the abseiling, it was my best memory because that first look over that cliff was the most memorable thing I could remember at that camp.  My worst memory was the squatty potty because I'll never forget how gross and smelly those toilets were.