Happy chinese new year! Today we had our chinese new year assembly I was picked for the opening lion dancing group. I have been practicing the chinese drums with Eric. I knew all the rhythms. The gong and the symbols were played by Ellen and Darcy. After the opening ceremony we had a couple other performances then my youngest brother Angus' performance which was so cute. Then we had some more great performances and then it was my other brother which is older but not older than me Scott's performance which was also good. Then if you skip some other shows it was then my classes performance, which was a fashion show. We made the costumes all in groups and one person per group got to wear our costume which was in our group was Emma. We did an empress from the Song dynasty. You can see our design and our field trip to the fabric store in my mandarin clothing design page. The performance worked like this. Each model went on stage and did a pose, which was related to what they were dressed up in, and the other people in the group said what she was and there was another person who translated in Mandarin. Now after school I'm taking Paul to the Foot ball club. Kung hei fat choi!