Right now I am writing to you from Phuket, Thailand. I arrived just yesterday on a budget airline which came in at about twelve O'clock. For easter holiday we are staying in a hotel called the "Sheraton." We are not staying in our usual hotel the Laguna holiday club which are both in Laguna. Laguna is a lagoon on the coast of Phuket which has many hotels and villas for people to live in, it also has a wedding chapel and a shopping centre called "Canal Village." I also went to Laguna at Christmas so if you want to read that go to my Holiday blog. 

I have just come back from a swim at the Laguna Holiday Club with some friends, Jack and Kara and going down the water slide a couple of times. It's been a bit different staying at the Sheraton but it is still really fun. After we got home from the holiday club me and my dad went to the entrance of the beach and played some table tennis and pool. I went straight from that to a fish therapy place where special type of fish eat of your'e dead skin on your feet and hands. My mum Scott, Angus, mum and dad all went over to a bar where all my friends from Hong Kong were. We went to an ice cream shop and after that we went to the lagoon and swam in it and brought canoes on the lagoon and had a lot of fun pushing each other off. We also went to the laguna beach swimming pool and went down the slide a couple of times and me Liam, Jack and Ryan (Liam's brother) kept landing on top of each other. It was so fun and it was hilarious we also played some water polo but never got around to it because the guards stopped us. The next post I make will be in my Holiday blog so if you want to read about it or some other places I've been to on holiday go to my Holiday blog.