As I have told you before our class is doing a exhibition about global issues. There are many different groups in our exhibition and my group is wastage of electricity. We have done and made a lot of ways for taking action with the people in my group. The people in my group are two people called Matthew and Thomas. I think my group is pretty well prepared for the exhibition, but we still have to do a couple of things like make our display and stuff like that. The best piece of work I think I did for the exhibition is my letter to the government. I have wrote a letter two them saying reasons for wastage of electricity and ways to save it. So I think we are going to do very well and I think we have done pretty well as a group.
My class is having an exhibition about sharing the planet, and my subject is wastage of electricity. Which I am doing  with two other great people called Matthew and Thomas. I think my group is doing pretty well. One of the things I need to improve on is committing more to my group. Like doing homework or doing more work in class time. I also need to improve on being prepared because when ever it's time for exhibition I'm never prepared. All in all I think my group is doing pretty well and I can't wait to see what we accomplish.