I have made a rubric with my group and we are going to score ourselves. We have chosen to mark ourselves looking at our working over this unit. This is another reflection for my exhibition (our current unit) and one of my most important reflections. For our rubric below we have consnidered the working of our cooperation, productivity, organisation, planning and communication.

I think I have not done so well in my unit by not doing that well towards my group and towards myself. I do not look at myself being very cooperative with my group by sometimes getting annoyed and arguing with them about the wrong things. I do not think I have been productive in the exhibition by sometimes finding work to do and having good ideas but getting distracted pretty easily. I think I could of made better choices of how to use my time and better choices of what work I could of done, by not doing something that is just wasting time. My organization has been much better than all the others because I think on the rubric I should be a two and a half because I bring my work and its in the right places but its not always done in a acceptable fashion. I think my planning has not been good by choosing for me having a one and a half on the  rubric I never know what to do without assistance from my group or a teacher. I think my communication has been pretty good with giving myself a two and a half I can communicate well with my group members but I think I don't communicate with the mentor enough. I think I could of done better in this unit and I want to improve from this.


Two boxes shaded means the mark is half way between both numbers.