Today my class had the history fair. this year it seemed shorter than lasts years one but it was still good. The events were Gladiators, Castle defense Roman gods, Torture chamber, Becoming a knight, Pyramid building, Dress up, Heiroglyphics, Oracle, Interview with a pharaoh, Mummification and Gods and goddesses game. I did only two stations which was Torture Chamber where I got my limbs pulled off. The other was Oracle. What they do is they ask you to ask a yes or no question and the gods will tell you the answer. For example, my question was "will I be a successful rugby player" and the answer was yes. Yay, so yeah there was also this gladiator fight where two students fought as gladiators. When one of them lost, we voted if we should let him live or not. We chose not to, so then this grade one kid comes up and starts slashing the sword wildly at him. It was hilarious. So that was pretty much our history fair.