Saturday and Sunday was a really fun and active weekend. I woke up like really early in the morning thinking it was my ice hockey play off games. I was to exited and forgot it was tomorrow on Sunday. I was pretty annoyed, and I thought today was going to be really boring day. I was completely wrong on Saturday I went to a soccer tournament at kings park at Kowloon. The tournament was great and we did really well, our first game we drew 0-0. Our second game we were ready to win but we tied again with the same score. The pool matches ended and we were tied with the same amount of points as a team called football academy. We had to do a coin toss to make sure who was first in our group. We unfortunately lost the coin toss and were second. Now we went into the knock out stages. we won our first game in the quatar final by about five goals against our fifth team. We were now in the semi-final against KCC (Kowloon cricket club) which we lost 1-0 one of the most closest games. Soccer ended and I stayed around and the Hong Kong rugby team I think it was U16 were practicing, and Paul's brother was in the team. The final's were over with KCC winning the plate and Tai Tam two won the cup. I got the best player medal for the second time!

In the morning on Sunday I woke up early for an ice hockey match. The ice hockey match was great in the first two period's we were winning 2-1, but in the third period they scored two goals and we lost 3-1. We lost but I scored the second goal, I was coming round the side of the boards and when I got close to the goal I shot and scored in the top corner and I went crazy! Ice hockey ended with us loosing but we played a better game. I left ice hockey with my dad straight to the football club for the rugby tournament. Finally arriving early and having to wait four hours before the games I hung out with some of my friends. My first match was against DEA tigers which we drew 0-0 I think we were asleep and we should of won if we were awake. Our second game was against Tristan's team "Sandy Bay" which won 1-0 I think we also didn't play as well in that match but it was just a warm up for our next match against valley fort our rivals. Valley Fort was Paul's team and we regularly lose against them but this time we went on thinking what my dad the coach said play like you did in the Kuala Lumpur plate final, aggressive. We won! A hard working 1-0 when we won we went crazy and we were the first team to beat them. We were all screaming with joy and jumping I didn't get to carried away and we started to shake their hands. I then went to tristan's house for a quick but fun time. I went that night home and was so happy after winning our last game of the season against Valley Fort!