This year we have done a lot of units and our most recent one has been our Exhibition. Compared to some of the other units I have done, I don't think this has been my most successful one. In this process we chose different subjects to focus on which is all in my Exhibition presentation reflection blog post. One of the things that I think I should have improved on is my commitment to the group and being more productive. The actual exhibition itself was actually a real success. We did really well getting lots of comments, people were interested and people signing up to help us with our action.

One of my other units that I think I did very well in was my How We express ourselves unit. Our central idea was beliefs and values are conveyed in different ways. In this unit we had a stixy to put all our research on (a stixy is a place where you can put information pictures and videos). We were assessed in this unit by doing a five hundred word essay on the religion and ceremony we researched. I did Jewish weddings which I think I did very well at. I got about a twenty out of twenty four.

This year's camp was great. In camp a lot of the learner profiles are shown every day of camp. This year's camp was the best with me being a risk-taker, knowledgeable, communicator, open minded and caring. We did a lot of different fun activities. At the end of camp I was very knowledgeable about compasses and how you use them. I was a risk taker by trying new things that looked scary. We were all open minded and caring by cheering everyone on and helping them to try scary and new things. So we all actually learnt a lot more than you think from camp. I made an earlier blog post right after camp. Click here if you want to read it. There's also all the pictures from camp day onecamp day three and camp day four.


Math this year has been very successful for me with me learning a lot of new things about how to convert fractions into numbers, graphs, times tables and so on. Our most recent subject we have just learnt about is area, volume and perimeter. We used many ways of practicing this subject we also used a site called Mathletics. We also did many different work sheets to find perimeter volume and area. In math this year I think I have been a communicator and an inquirer. I have been communicating with a lot of people on each subject we are doing. I also have stayed in the conversations on a topic and been interactive by asking many questions. My test for our last unit I did pretty well out of the class I got twenty and the highest was about thirty three. My goals for the summer are to practice more on times tables because I regularly don't ever practice over the summer. My other goal is to  This years math has been pretty good all round with me learning all new things.


This year in music I think I have been very successful in many ways in music. Such as reading, playing, conducting. Some other subjects I didn't do so well in was composition. We have just had our school music concert with the grade five band playing three songs "Latin Fire," "Attack of the slide trombones" and Guantanamera. In the primary concert we had grades two to five preforming. Me and Oscar did a solo piece together on the "Pink Panther." This years concert was different by it being in a professional theatre with a proper everything. No doubt this years music concert was the best.

Throughout the whole grade three recorder to grade four and grade five band I have improved musically. I have also became a very good a all round trumpet player this year.

I have improved my writing by a tremendous amount this year in punctuation sentence building and every thing. In the beginning of the year I didn't really look to my blog as a why of learning to write better. When I did start writing in my blog I improved so much as a communicator a reflector, a learner and as a writer. If you compared me as a writer in the beginning of the year and as a writer now they're would be a amazing difference. If we were to look at one of my first blog posts which are bag of beliefs and one of my other blog posts which are one of the best is my Hong Kong Sevens blog post. I have really enjoyed my blog this year because I think It's quite enjoyable to write about what I do and why I want to write and that't why I want to be good at it. One of the reasons I enjoy how to be able to write properly is because then I can use that to make a great blog post. Those are some more reasons why I think I should have my own blog when I leave HKA (Hong Kong Academy)

This year I have been in the standard Mandarin class with my teacher being Ding Lao shi. Our latest unit has been transportation. We have been doing lots of different ways of practicing. We have been playing different mandarin games on a site called qiuzlet. On qiuzlet we are playing two games called space race and scatter. We also did pages in our book to help us learn the subject. We have just done a recent test and I think I could of done better than I did by practicing more and getting prepared. At the beginning of the year we made goals for mandarin and at the end of the year we were going to see if we had accomplished them. Over this year my goals have been trying to do more homework, focus more in class and be more reflective about my work. One of my goals for this mandarin class is my behaviour. Sometimes in mandarin I haven't been respectful to my teacher and have not paid attention. I think I did not do the best I could of in mandarin and next time in my new school I'll be more respectful.
Final Words
Grade five this year has been one of those special years. I liked it because I had fun with all the people in my class and got along quite well with the teachr I learnt new exiting things met new people and especially had fun learning with the people around me.
A couple of days ago I had my first parent teacher conference of the year. The parent teacher conference is when a student comes in to the classroom and talks about what work you have been doing for the first few of weeks.  We talked about my short term and long term goals for the first term. 

We had lots of types of different goals, like one type of goal was my personal goal.  this goal is to beat "Valley Fort" rugby team before the end of the season.  We also talked about three other school based goals.  These were about maths, literacy and  organization.

When we entered the classroom I got very nervous and I was worried about what things Andy (my teacher) was going to say to me and my mum and dad.  It didn't end up how I thought it was going to be.  It was less scary than I thought  it would be, but I was still relieved when it was finished.