This is a blog post about what I'm going to tell you in my subjects. This year I think I have achieved many things. I want to achieve most of my goals and make new goals.
My goals
    In January I made goals for the year. I think the goals I set myself were a good set of goals for me to achieve. I may not achieved one of them but I will try to. I will keep one of the goals like I will try to finish homework on my own. I think I have achieved my goal that if I get something wrong I will try again and again. My goal that I still really need to achieve is my handwriting and make it neater. The goal that is the most important to me is my handwriting goal.
This year we have done many units of inquiry. I think my best piece of work for unit is my timeline blog post on paper which I think I did very well in. I think I have achieved from my communities unit because I didn't do my best work in communities because I didn't really try and I have improved from that. My short term goal for UOI is to do more homework on my unit. My long term goal is to be more independent by deciding what I have to do on my own and trying to do it on my own before I ask for help.
A few weeks ago Andy asked us to look at our profiles that we said we do for the beginning of the year. We had to say what three main profiles we are from the IB learner profile and if we have changed. I think that one of the profiles I have wrote has changed for me and that I am now more of a communicator than balanced. I think that because I really like communicating with people and I do it a lot.  Here is the blog post I wrote about my profiles.
During this year I think I have improved on math in many ways. I Think the subject in math that I have improved the most in is my multiplication and secondly my long division. I have made progress on this because I now know much more tables from doing fiz buzz which is a game we play, and our speed tests we did in the beginning of the year. My long term goal for math is to learn even more of my times table up to ten or even twelve. For my short term goal I want to have a better attitude to math and not always be negative.

Over this year I have learnt very new and different things by different teachers and I hope to progress even more in the future. I look forward to other times when I get to learn something new. Thank you for reading my parent teacher conference blog post. I also wrote another blog post about my last Parent Teacher Conference which is also another example of what I used to write like see that in my Parent teacher conference writing blog post.