Wednesday and Thursday I was a ball boy at a rugby tournament at the foot ball club GFI rugby tens. I was a ball boy last year at the tens and this year was even better than last year. This year was better because they made a kids zone. So if you got bored watching the rugby you could just go play in the bouncy castle for a while. We also had a very famous sevens player playing for one of the teams called the Hong Kong Barbarians. The famous player was Serevi! Who used to play for Fiji in the sevens. Even though he was playing it was pretty disappointing watching him because he wasn't nearly as good as he used to be. His team did pretty well, the winners of all the silver wear were, the wild titans winning the shield, the bowl winners were either chairmans X or Hong Kong football club. The plate and cup were two very good matches but honestly I thought the plate was more exiting. I don't remember who won the plate but I do remember the cup with Aliens cup winners last year beating Samurai. I was a really good game but right from the start I thought Aliens looked like the stronger side. The tens were really fun and were better than last years ball boying.