Today on Wednesday twenty sixth of may we had our school music concert and art exhibition. This years music concert was very different from all the other school music concert it was in a real theatre called civic square theatre. Halfway through today it was the K3-grade one concert. At school. The younger grades sang lots of very nice songs. My two brothers were in that concert Angus was in the youngest grade singing "A Sailor Went to sea," "I can play on the big bass drum" and Thank you thank you mummy. My other brother called Scott in grade one sang "Its a small world" and "Oh what a happy day." With the other younger grades singing such other great songs. 

   School ended and I went to go and play golf with Leo and Oscar which was really fun. I went home with mum had a shower and got ready for the music concert. I arrived and I was late, me and Oscar had a solo piece to do together and we were the second act of the night, playing the "Pink Panther." When we were about to go on to play me and Oscar were both really nervous, but I guess that nervous feeling made us play our best and we did fantastic. Me and Oscar finished and went backstage. All our classmates were complementing us. We had to wait a long time until our class could go on and play our instruments. I don't think I have said what instrument I play I play the trumpet. The grade five band played three songs our first song was "Latin Fire" our second was "Attack of the slide trombones" and "Guantanamera." We all went to the art exhibition after the concert and I toke a photo with my piece of work. We also looked at my Scott's piece of art work. We couldn't find Angus' work for some reason. We left civic square theatre and went to the Football club to have dinner. I am now home about to go to bed for tomorrow and thinking about how great everyone did in the concert.