Yesterday we visited the Sikh temple ,it is on the end of Stubs road, it was very interesting when we entered.  Before we came we had to cover our hair with a bandana, scarf anything that covers your hair.  So when we entered we had to take off our shoes and socks also wash our hands.  Then we entered where people pray we saw two people praying when we were in there we saw more people coming and going.  To show respect to the Sikh religion we stood in front of this little coffin like thing and we prayed to it and walked around it in a certain direction.  When we walked around it a man gave us some sort of mashed up fruit that I can't describe and a fruit a banana or an apple.

Then after that we went upstairs to learn more about the Sikh religion then after that we went down stairs to eat.  What I really liked was the curry that they gave us but what I liked even more was that it was free I mean like anybody could go down there and have a meal then after that we went back to school and discussed it.