Yesterday on Friday the fifth my school had sports day at the aberdeen sports ground. I regularly don't enjoy sports day because it's not really sports just games. I went to school on friday and took money, my ice hockey skates and my ice hockey gloves which were all for after sports day.
 The day before sports day my class came up with a chant for our house the blue dragons. It didn't rhyme so we just made a quick one up before we went to sports day. Our first event was a soccer event. In the event you had to go round some cones then shoot against a goalie, if you went over another set of cones at the end and you scored it wouldn't count. We finished our first event then had a rest. We got up when the announcer announced our class to go to a baseball event where you had to hit a softball of the tee one of my friends Paul got the farthest hit for the boys. I can't remember all the events in order but my two favorite was the events where you had to throw a tennis ball to each other, then one you've got it all the way down the line of people in your team the person at the end runs all the way back, then you do it again until everyone has had a go running. My second favorite events are tide with two events called buckets o' fun and late for school. Buckets o' fun is a game where there are two teams and you have to get water from one big bucket and put it into smaller buckets using sponges. Late for school is a game where you have to put clothes over your clothes and try to get dressed quickly, then you run to your line tag the next person but he/her doesn't start running the person has to undress then run back and tag the next person then he or she runs. The most popular bit of sports day is the fifty and hundred meter races which I did really well in coming fourth.
    I left sports day with some people from my class to do some ice skating organized by Lynda, oscars mum. We got to elements and had a really fun time skating. We had dinner and had a really good time eating at a place called "Stormies" and they had the best ribs in the world. It was the best sports day ever.