On day third and final day of kuala Lumpur it was the knock out stages. The final day was so intense the first game was pretty important but unfortunately we lost 7-0 (one try is five points and if you score in a box it's seven). We then played the second game after working more on some moves we practiced before coming. We went on for our first game feeling ready to win and we did about four or three tries to nil. We came off that match really ready to win something. Our next game was against royal Salangar second team. Which we won but I don't really remember how much. It was now the end of all the quatar finals, semi finals and all those types off things and we were in the final against Bintang the team that we lost against at the beginning of the day. Me and the team started to practice before the game and everyone was getting all serious and stuff, than when we went on I was really nervous. But when I just kicked it off everyone was up on the other team and everyone was shouting. Finally at the end of the game we won a crushing 29-0 and had won the plate!

I went to the airport had lot's of fun on the way back. When I got home at like one thirty in the morning my mum had stayed up to see me. I said hi and we talked the I immediately just got into bed and fell asleep, after a great tour.