Tuesday I had running club, when I finished school I went immediately to the toilets and got changed for running club. Running club is an after school activity organized by Mrs. Amy one of our school teachers. At running club we run for about eight minutes out and eight minutes back. When I get picked up after running club I do as much homework as I can before I have to leave. By the time I've changed and got all my kit in my bag I head of to the AMC (Aberdeen Marina Club) for ice hockey team practice. 

In practice we have a team talk about the last game and what we need to improve on. When we start skating we do a very tiring warm up then do some work on what we need to improve on then games finally a scrimmage which is a mini match. When practice is done I stay for the later session with the older kids and Dylan the goalie from my team. My dad regularly watches the later session then after we go home and have dinner at like nine thirty then go to bed.

On Wednesday we have a half day at school, after school Oscar's driver takes me Leo and Oscar to Leo's place. When we get there we eat then have fun on Leo's computer. When we have gotten changed and got our golf shoes on we leave for golf.

We got to golf today and had a good time, when golf ended Oscar beat me and Leo by four points and me and Leo tying. Last time I won by two points oh and did i mention we get prizes, and they're not like candy or something like that. When golf finished today I got a taxi to go home. When I got home I had a tutor Gabriel to come in again and help me get prepared on the english test for CDNIS (Canadian International School). Tomorrow is Thursday and just one day left until I head away to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I will be writing about it in my Holiday blog if I can and if I can't I'll just write when I get back.