Hello readers and welcome to my blog.

Grade 5 Blog: Guidelines

Tell the truth.
No personal information.
Be careful what you write.
Do not post things you will regret.
Be respectful to other people and to their opinions.

Grade 5 Blog: Things To Think About

Have I made good choices?
Did I think about this before I posted it?
Could I hurt someone with this post?
Is what I’ve posted copyrighted material?
Have I included textual references that support my opinion in my post?
Have I checked my post for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation?

10/12/2009 11:33:15 am

Hi Andrew

maite Ochoa
10/12/2009 11:35:32 am

wats up andrew you're blog is really good and weird:) jk

11/24/2009 07:51:52 pm

cool blog


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