I am really disappointed about what's been happening to the earth and it's starting to get really serous. One of the things that have really scared me about pollution and everything is the ozone layer. For example on Tuesday this week we were not allowed to go outside for recess because of the level of pollution. I mean like it's getting really serious and we need to take action. It would just be awesome if everyone helped and it would be so much better.
3/27/2010 02:43:47 pm

Hi Andrew,

I am helping Miss Wyatt with the blogging challenge.

That is really scary knowing that you couldn't go out to play because of the pollution level.

It would be awesome if every one did a little bit to help.

Lets keep our fingers crossed that the pollution levels will start to decrease and you won't need to stay inside again because they are too high.

Good luck with the blogging challenge.

Cathy Vivian
3/30/2010 09:13:23 pm

I can't imagine not being able to play because of too much pollution! That must be really hard. What do you think are some things that kids could do to help keep our planet healthy? I'd hate to see LOTS of days when you can't go out and play.
Ms V
York, Western Australia

Miss W.
4/2/2010 12:21:44 pm

G'day Andrew,
Did you do your part for Earth Hour or were you at the sevens like many of your classmates?

I am the lady running the blogging challenge. You can visit my class at http://sormid67.edublogs.org


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