Pajama day is on tenth, Wednesday to start of literacy week where everyone comes to school in there pajama's. Pajama day is a day where for the younger grade's parents come in pajamas and read them stories. Since we are in the last year of primary we went over to the middle school in groups. We had people read to us in different rooms, my favorite book was a book called "Skullduggery peasant" it was a book about a child called Sophie and her rich grandfather died and she had inherited her grandfathers mansion and money.
    On Thursday the twelve, I went over two CDNIS (Canadian International school ) and I did a test to apply there. Which included English math and a piece of writing we had to do at the very end. I finished he test and was so happy to see my mum, we left the Canadian school and went to the football club and had lunch. I didn't go to school after so I just went home and played a bit of play station. Tomorrow I have a huge and tiring weekend coming up with a soccer tournament on Saturday, Brendan coming over after, a early morning ice hockey match for the play offs and a rugby tournament in the afternoon.
3/19/2010 01:34:01 am

That is awesome that you guys have pajama day! At my school we're not allowed to do stuff like that. My last pj day was in elementary school. You're a good writer.

3/24/2010 05:20:16 pm

I agree with Taylor. We are lucky we get pj day. It's my first pj day in this school. It was fun.


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