Yesterday on Wednesday I had my parent teacher conferences. I think my conference with my parents and teachers went really well, showing them work I did in the year. I showed them work that I did well at and work that I learnt from. We talked about my goals that I made at the beginning of the school year and what goals I have changed. I was really pleased and I thought that I did really well explaining the reasons for changing my goals and why I chose those goals, like being more of a communicator than balanced. We also talked about UOI and my strengths weaknesses and subjects I did well on and subjects I learnt from. I think I did very well saying how I did in my timeline and them asking and answering questions about it. The rest of the conference went very well with me talking about what I have learnt and achieved in the year. I was happy with how much my parents thought I had improved and learnt. When we discussed my goals we talked about one of my goals that I still had to achieve which was handwriting. I have an idea for making my handwriting more neater by first trying to write all my blog posts by hand in cursive then copying them onto the computer.  I really enjoyed my conference and all the rest of them with them all going really well.
4/27/2010 10:16:20 pm

you have a lot of writing keep up the good work

5/3/2010 03:40:08 pm

I like your idea on writing your blog posts by hand in cursive first before you post it on the computer. Keep up the good work!


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