Today we had a tournament at ,our home training ground, HKFC (Hong Kong Football Club). In the morning I got up and went we warmed up. Then played our first game against DB Dragons (discovery bay dragons) which we won 1-0. Then our second match was against Tai Tam two ,Eric and Nathan's team, which we won 1-0 again. Our match to get us into the cup was a hard one, against KCC 1 I don't know what KCC 1 stands for and we lost 1-0. So then we were into the plate quarter final against KCC 3 and won 3-0. Then our plate semi final game was against our football club two which was a very tight match which we lost 2-1. Then I don't know if football club two won the plate. I think I didn't play my best but over all the team played well.
2/2/2010 09:12:27 am

Sounds like an exciting game to watch. I am sure you played well. Don't be too hard on yourself! You are a good player.

2/2/2010 02:06:26 pm

kcc is kowloon cricket club


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