Right now I'm writing to you from Hong Kong again it feels kind of annoying to be back home but I'll wright about that at the end of this. So new years, it was the best time I had that holiday it was amazingly fun and I stayed up until two in the morning.
  Then the next day I wasn't that tired weirdly the first thing I did was play golf with Connor and Cameroon which was a weird experience. Then I went quad biking again but with Connor and Cameroon and did high wire at the same place. The last thing I did that day was watch a movie with them which was "The Day The Earth Stood Still" so that day was a all Connor and Cameroon day.
  So now I'm talking about yesterday the second so that was the day we flew out the flight was good it didn't have TV's like the flight there but I survived anyway it was only three hours, then when we got home we said hi to my beloved dog Tobasco and opened the christmas presents which were the half that we didn't take to Phuket the best present I got in Hong Kong was a new phone which was much better than my old Nokia.
  So now it's today the third all I did today was go to the skate park and ride on my rip stick. So tomorrow I'm going to write on my regular blog. Like I said at the beginning it's kind of annoying to be back from luxury and what makes it even worse is that my mum's flying out to her mum's home Barbados for work not for family but she will visit some relatives, but I'll miss her allot so what do I say now oh yeah that's it christmas/new year is officially over.