On Monday the 28th In the morning I went golfing with my dad. 
 After monday, on the 29th Jack and Kara and their dad came to visit us at our room, they asked me if I wanted to go quad biking with me I said sure even though I did it yesterday we did two hours which I think is way better than one and that's been the best quad biking so far. Then after that I went to the beach resort and went swimming with Jack and Connor we played water polo and went down the huge water slide.
Then on the 30th I went to one of my friends that I play rugby with who is called brendan we went on a big tour we went swimming under a water fall, river rafting and elephant trecking I was the one driving the elephant the commands were how! To go and Ho! To stop.
Now tonight is the thirty first and I'm going quad biking with brendan and going to a party with Jack and connor for new years eve.
On Thursday the 24th I started of playing golf at six in the morning I got a new best score on that corse sixty five in total. Then after playing a good game of golf with dad then I went swimming with my mum and one of my little brothers Scott. Then I went to canal village and in canal village I went to the kids lounge and played some play station 2, then still in canal village I bought this like clay car and painted it most of it was red and it looked pretty good. When I just finished painting dad came along and it was time to go to a restaraunt called Totos, we were invited by friends Jack and Kara it was their dad's birthday before we went to Totos we went to a bar called Biby's. Me and jack played two games of pool I lost the first one just then won the second game then we went to eat at Totos the food there was great and after we ate we went and played one more game of pool which I won then we went home.
  25th Chistmas! I got loads of good presents like I got a I Touch. Then in the afternoon we went to a restataunt which had the best strawberry milshakes ever they were heaven then after we ate I went to a foot therapy place where you put your feet in a tank of fish which eat all the dead skin off your feet and hands I loved the treatment it felt awesome.
  Yesterday 26th Boxing day I in the morning did cabel water skiing, first I tried ski's I couldn't get round the traack with those so then I tried the one where you're knees on the board and I did one lap in that and that was the furthest I got but it was really fun.then I went back to the fish therapy place and did it again and also had a massage. So now it's the 27th and today I'm going quad biking with my dad. 
I always miss a couple of days because I wait to do activities and then wright about everyday I've missed. So I'm going to start of with Monday, I went to a different hotel in laguna and played balls at the dusit. Then on the same day I went to another hotel called the alamanda ,which I used to stay at, and we went canoing around the lagoon. Then we went to the sheraton which is also another hotel and played ping pong and pool.
  Tuesday the 22nd the family went to the sheraton pool which is absolutely huge we played volley ball with angus me and mum which was a disaster which was real fun. They also had a bar in the pool. Then after we swam me and my dada had a quick game of pool which I won! Then I went cycling again when we went cycling we went to see a friend called Jack. He showed me his really cool electric mosquito killer it electricutes insects. I went swimming with Jack we kept throwing a rugby ball at each other. After that we went back to a place in laguna not a hotel called canal village. In canal village there was something called a roller ball it was a blow up hamster ball on water it was amazing I can't explain I broke a record for that day it was the longest on feet running for two minutes. The first time I did it I stepped on the zipp and it opened I got soaked. Now it's wednesday the 23 of december and it's almost christmas.
Right now I'm writing to you from Phuket I'm staying in a complex called "Laguna". In laguna their are many types of hotels like the "Sheriton", "Alamanda", "Banyan tree" which lots of people play golf at. Their are many other hotels in laguna but the hotel I'm staying in is the laguna holiday club. I'm a very special member of this hotel and complex and everybody knows me. I could go on and on about how great this place is but you could see all the photos in my gallery ,I'd put all the photos in by the end of the holiday,. So right now I'm going to catch up on what I've been doing in the week on Wednesday I went to golf with Leo Oscar wasn't their because he had olready gone on holiday. Then after that I went to Ocean park with Leo and Paul he met us their we had real fun that day. Then on Thursday we went to Hong Kong Disney land as a family we regulary go to the hotel and stay the night but the hotel was all boked out this year so we just went for the day, I went on space mountain thirteen times! it was good fun. Then on Friday we packed and that's mostly all we did. Yesterday Satuday we arrived we didn't do much but me and my dad went golfing. Now it's Sunday and now I'm at reception typing my blog and in a second I will go cycling around laguna with my dad.
On Satuday the 12 I played a rugby match against a singapore touring side. Now the call for players for this game was like four days bofore the match so it was anybody who could come. So it wasn't the first team or anything like that. But the other team were people who were hand picked from all the teams in singapore so as you could imagine they were pretty good. They also trained togother before the tour so we didn't do so well. I got injured half way thru the first game with a head injury I coudn't exactly remember what happened but I went back on for the second game we scored one try in that game. After the game oscar ,who goes to my school and plays rugby with me, went to my place. After hanging out a bit we went to "Ocean park" we went on loads of different rides like the dragon, pirate galleon, space wheel and the raging river. We didn't have enouph time to go on the mine train which I was annoyed about but other than that it was a great day.

  Althogh today Monday ,I missed out writing about Sunday, I havn't done anything at all but be a couch potato.
On saturday the 5th-6th I went to the second best arrangement in the Hong Kong that I think is the "East Asian Games Rugby 7s". It was just like the sevens all though it was only east Asia. who won the tournament was Japan but against our very home team Hong Kong! they played magnificently they beat China and Korea, which are both really good teams. Even though Hong Kong lost in the final they got the silver medal. The game was really close the score was 24-28 Hong Kong looked like they were going to win but at the end of the match they didn't but they still played amazingly well.

  Not only we watched rugby we also played rugby all the mini rugby kids under 12s and under played I played and my team beat "DEA tigers". It was a good game and after the match we all took a photo together, both teams. What my parents thought was good about it was that it wasn't as frantic as the international 7s but those 7s are still good as well. What I thought was good about it was that I got to go to the south stand for the very first time.