The second last day in Phuket was really fun, well you could call it my last real day because I flew out the next day in the afternoon. I went to bed that night really wanting this day to happen and I was really exited. I got up early and went to breakfast with my dad at the holiday club. I left early after almost being bored to death. Soon after I left Conner called my room saying come to the pool so I came. When I got there I couldn't find him so I asked his mum and dad where they went. They said that Conner and Cameron went in the direction of my room so I started swimming down the pool to my room because the pool almost goes round the whole hotel. I didn't even get half way when I heard them and saw them through the bushes. Conner and his brother Cameron asked me if I wanted to go canoeing with them. We didn't go all the way around the lagoon but when went under one of the bridges to the villas at the Sheraton.  Cameron went under them to have a look and me and Connor ditched him. When we met up we canoed a bit more then got bored and headed back. By the time Cameron arrived there me and Connor were only half way there. We got really bored then Conner came up with this really crazy but fun idea about capsizing our boats and standing up on top of them. We did that which was really fun and Connor found fish eggs on the bottom of his boat.

We left for quad biking after we had lunch at the pool side restaurant. Quad biking was really fun me and Conner had a huge debate about who was better but the best rider. I said "the best rider always goes at the front of the group" and I was at the front with Connor second his brother third and their dad last. Quad biking was really fun as usual and I bought a picture which is at the bottom of this. When I got back to my room it was quite late and we were getting ready to leave for Hong Kong after we had dinner at Puccini (the small restaurant next to my room).
I arrived back from Phuket last night around ten thirty. It has been a great holiday but I still haven't told you about the last couple of days of my holiday and a great final semi final for ice hockey. On Thursday I woke up really exited. I went to breakfast at the small restaurant right next to our room and had pancakes! I also had cereal. Conner came along while I was having breakfast. Me and Conner left the restaurant and went over to my villa. I showed him my room and all the rooms and then we went on the roof which Scott and Angus weren't allowed on. We had to climb over all the suitcases which acted like barriers to get up there. As we got on the roof the door shut behind us not knowing it had automatically locked. It spent us a while to find out when we did we thought of many very smart ways of getting off the roof, our best one was banging on the door as hard as we could hoping my mum would here us all the way down on the first floor. She eventually did after a long time of coming up with crazy ways to got off the roof. We then put on our sun screen and me Conner dad and Scott left for the water park (Splash Jungle).

We negotiated with a taxi driver the price for us going there and back. On the way there was so fun we talked with the driver about the F.A cup and he also heard us talking about some music and he played really good music. We were almost at the water park and I couldn't wait hearing what other people thought of it. When me and Conner got there we just bought a ticket and went in immediately we had to get changed first. Me and Conner went straight from the changing room to the slides. First we went on a warm up slide which didn't need a blow up ring and it was actually a really good. We then went on the big one's the first one we went on was Conner's favourite he called it the coin toss. The coin toss is a slide with rubber rings and started off pretty fast and then went into a huge ring which sprayed water on you then we went into a smaller ring round and me and Conner every time tried to go down backwards through the hole and we would go so fast. The other way to describe it is to say it's like one of those charity things where you put a coin in and it just goes round and round till in goes in the hole. There was another ride which just went straight down and then went up and there was no barrier at the top so it was like if you gain enough speed you go flying then you go drift over and go down backwards really fast through another channel. We got kind of bored and went to the in pool bar which was so nice. We then went to something called the lazy river but it was actually a lot of fun it was more fun then it looked. The current was pretty fast so every now and then we tried to stop and walk back when we had enough we went back to the rides but Conner tried to get out to late so the current carried him we eventually found each other it took a pretty long time because the river goes round the whole park. We went on the slides a bit more than had lunch. The food was awesome when we were done eating we went to the wave pool which was amazingly strong. We went on the slides our final times bought some stuff in the gift shop then went back to the Sheraton
It is now Easter day three and I have had a very fun two days. Yesterday we had a very nice buffet breakfast at the Holiday club seeing Jacks dad Stuart. One of the things I miss about the Holiday club is definitely its amazing breakfasts. I went straight from breakfast everyone to the room. I got bored and went to the swimming pool bar and we saw Connor and Cameron's mum and dad Linda and Dave Howell. I finally got my dad away from the caffe and to the pool tables. Me and my dad played two very fun games of pool him winning the first one and me winning the second in a very close game. Scott, mum and Angus came to visit and we went back to the swimming pool and then me Scott and dad went to horse riding with Kara. The horse riding was fun and it was cool because the guy holding the rains taught me how to control the horse. The bad side of it was that my horse wouldn't run or gallop. that made it kind of boring even though I did it a lot of times when I was younger it was still a good experience. I finished horse riding at the Dusit with Kara and Scott. We were also greeted by my dad and Kara's dad Stuart. Kara left with her dad and Angus and mum came. We all then went to a restaurant on the beach but I left early because I didn't feel so good.

Today I got up in the morning very tired from staying up as usual and went to have breakfast at a place in the hotel called birds of paradise. We all had buffet breakfast. I got dad to finally come and wait for a free pool space so we could play after the people who were playing now but he wondered of and we had to wait again but we were waiting on the other pool table. When I got over dad not being there when we could of played earlier, we played one game of pool which was really close but in the end he won with a really lucky shot. We both got back to the room and me and my brothers played for a while when we got bored. We went down to laguna beach resort and I went down the slide three or four times with my dad. I also taught Angus which is four years old how to put his head under the water in the swimming pool. Me and everyone got ready to go and we got the boat back to the Sheraton. We all hung out at the pool for a while then we went back to the room. I am now at the holiday club writing a blog post about today and tomorrow and I'm about to take a shuttle bus back.
 It's the last two days of chinese new year, and it's the weekend. On saturday it was just like a normal day except after soccer Paul asked me if he could come over to mine. When he came over we played some playstation then we went down to Sandy Bay.

  When we got there we tried to get in but we found out that you had to be over eighteen to bring a guest which was paul. We tried to get in but I had to call my dad so he could let me and paul in. After we played a bit with the rugby ball we went to the kiosk and got some snacks then we went to the vending machine and got some drinks.

  By the time we got home Paul's mum arrived at the same time so I said bye and he left. Then it was almost the end of the day and I just chilled out at home.

  Now it's Sunday the last day of chinese new year and I went to rugby and had my last training session before the Kuala Lumpur tour. After rugby I went back to my house with Brendan for the barbecue at my house. Everyone that was going on tour could come and only three people didn't show up James, Bertie and Jack. It was so fun everybody was running around talking and having fun. About half way threw the party Scott my little brother got is finger stuck in the door hinge and he lost his nail and fractured his bone and had to have an operation. Anyway the desert was so good it was carrot cake or apple crumble with andy ice cream. When everyone left my room was a total MESS! I went to sleep in a pigsty. Now it's the first day of school after chinese new year.
On Thursday in the morning I had Gabriel, she is another tutor but for an english test but its the same school as the math test. 

 So after that I did nothing but wait for Harry to show up he kept calling to say he was almost there but he came really late. When he showed up we played like two minutes of playstation when my helper came to tell us it was time to go. We were really annoyed because we had like no time here at my house. After we picked up my mum and Scott's friend Akash we left for the cinema. After we picked up my mum and Scott's friend Akash we left for the cinema.

When we got to the directors club to watch "Alvin and the chipmunks two" we ordered some food and went into the movie. When we got in we played around with the buttons that made our foot rests and back of our chairs move. After everyone here got settled the movie started. The movie was great but I honestly liked the first one better, but the songs in number two were much better. When the movie ended we brought Harry to the MTR and said bye and then we brought Akash home.

When I got home I just watched some TV and went to bed.

Oh and today I did absolutely nothing. I'm saying this because if I have to write this in my next blog post it won't be much of a blog post.

In the beginning of the day on Tuesday what did I do, guess what, math again! After another session of math for the test that's coming up I just did absolutely nothing. However it was a boring start but I had a surprise visiter Brendan. He was just around in the neighborhood and asked if he could come over for a while. When he came we played none stop play station and the two games we played were "goldeneye" which is a James Bond game but the game we played the most was "star wars battlefront two." After such a long time staring at a screen we asked if we could have a sleep over. Are parents said yes after that was confirmed.

 We went down to the football club where we made up a game which was half soccer half rugby. The game was played like this, we had a rugby ball and a soccer net you had to try punt, drop kick or grubber the ball ,those were all types of way you could kick a rugby ball, into the goal. That was really fun we also practiced a bit with my dad. When we left the football club we went via Brendan's house to pick up the stuff he needed.

 When we got home we watched a really good and funny movie Brendan brought from his house, called school of rock. When we finished watching we went to bed at  twelve. We would regularly go to sleep later but after that movie we just kind of felt like doing nothing. 

When we woke up at seven, well when Brendan woke up than woke me up. Guess what we did first play more playstation! what a surprise huh? When a couple hours passed we got informed that he was leaving in ten minutes! So we quickly got changed ate and I said good bye and he was gone. When that was over I went to the football club to play balling with Sabrina, Lydia and their mum Julie. Angus my smallest brother won as usual then I think it was Sabrina then scott and Lydia then me last well come on they all had bumpers so it couldn't go in the gutter. That was mostly all the interesting bits in that day. Today I went to the cinema and watched a movie I won't tell you find out in the next blog post.

It is the day after Chinese New Year - and what does that mean?  Fireworks!

To start off the day, I had Math tutoring on a test I am going to do to get into a school for next year called CDNIS (Canadian International School)- not the best way to start the day on a holiday!  

After that, I went to the Football Club.   When we got to the Football Club I got out of the car before everyone else and wandered off into the Cub with my head completely blank like I was hypnotized.  I was wandering round the CLub and it was like I had forgotten everything and I could not work out where my Mum and Dad and brothers went.  So, not panicking, I went to go and find them.  First, I went to look at the Coffee Shop and they were not there.  Then I went down a level to the Captains Bar, which was shut.  I am not sure why it was shut as it is regularly open but it must have been shut because it was the day after Chinese New Year, which was the day of the fireworks. After checking out the Captains Bar, I went to the Family Lounge and looked there.  It looked really busy!  It looked like all the tables were full and both computers were booked. In the Family Lounge Playroom I looked to see if Angus and Scott were in there playing with Mum.  But they weren’t.  After checking the Family Lounge, I checked the Sports Hall and they weren’t there either.  I was starting to wonder where they all were.  I had checked the shop which sells sports stuff, like T-shirts and sports equipment and  rugby balls.  And then I thought of all the places I hadn’t checked and there was one place I couldn’t believe I had forgotten.  I had forgotten the old playroom next to the Sport Halls.  After checking there and all the most likely places in the club I was really wandering where they were. I went outside and checked if they were still at the car, which was kind of unbelievable as it would have taken them like 20 minutes to get out of the car.  They could have still been there if Angus and Scott were shouting at each other.

Finally, I thought long and hard and came up with the one place I had not checked - the Sportsman’s bar down at the rugby/soccer pitch.  I went down to the Sportman’s bar and went on the pitch and looked through the window to the Sportman’s bar and I couldn’t see them.  When I was about to turn round and go and wait somewhere they would find me, my Dad came walking along the corridor to the Sportman’s and he said “Where where you? I looked everywhere.”  I said “ Dad, it’s fine, you’d have found me eventually!”

When lunch was finished, I played some squash with my family.  The game was pretty close.  The first game against Dad was a good game. The score was 4 to 9.  In the beginning of the match I was doing really well and winning 4 to nil.  Then Dad got an unstoppable rampage of points which won him the match.  While me and Dad were playing, Mum was with Scott and Angus playing squash.  After the game against Dad, Mum asked me if I wanted to  play against her.  That game was a really close game.  It was a tie for match point at 8 all.  We felt like we played for another twenty minutes until I scored the winning match point. It was a serve that hit in the very corner of the court. Then I played one last match against Dad, which I played much better in. The score was 6:9 to Dad. Oh yeah, well - I still lost but I played a much better game.

Then we all went to Jack’s flat.  Jack’s parents know my parents  and Jack and I are good friends.  When we got there we talked, ate snacks, and had a tour of their flat.  Jack’s room is just like mine except everything is bigger and newer.  For example, he has a bigger TV than me, he has a playstation 3 and I only have a playstation 2, and he has a bigger bed.  And don’t forget the drum set!   On his playstation we played a game called “Call of Duty”.  We then went to the playground.  I took Jack’s rip stick, Jack took his bike, Kara , Jack’s sister, took her roller blades and Scott, my middle brother, took nothing.

We came back up to watch the fireworks.  We were kind of disappointed and thought it was kind of funny. You could barely see the fireworks because we were too high to see them and because of the smoke hovering above them.  Jack and I eventually got bored of watching and went back into his room to play some more.

It was a good day but our view of the fireworks was not so good! 

It's finally chinese new year the actual day. So yesterday was the first day of chinese new year holiday. The first thing I did was sleep in for an hour then when I woke up I read my book for another hour. When I got up got changed had some breakfast and watched some TV I went down to the football club with my dad and played with a rugby ball. Then I saw Max Murphy a rugby friend we played some football with his brothers and had a good time. After my time playing I picked up my ice hockey boots and went for a skate at elements. Then after I skated for a while at the ice rink right above the rink I went and had some pizza at wild fire. Then I came home and chilled out. At ten o'clock I watched a six nations rugby game Scotland vs Wales Scotland deserved to win that match because in the first half they were all over Wales and getting some points on the score board. They were wining by a lot and making Wales make mistakes. Then in the second half scotland were basically the defense. They never got the ball because it looked like they weren't trying to get it. When there was about one minute left it was a tie then somehow Wales scored and won the match. For some reason that was a very depressing match. So now its a fresh day and chinese new year so everything is shut. But were going to one of the places that are luckily open most probably my favorite restaurant bubba gumps at the peak I cannot wait to eat ah yummy anyway. Happy chinese new year the year of the tiger.
Right now I'm writing to you from Hong Kong again it feels kind of annoying to be back home but I'll wright about that at the end of this. So new years, it was the best time I had that holiday it was amazingly fun and I stayed up until two in the morning.
  Then the next day I wasn't that tired weirdly the first thing I did was play golf with Connor and Cameroon which was a weird experience. Then I went quad biking again but with Connor and Cameroon and did high wire at the same place. The last thing I did that day was watch a movie with them which was "The Day The Earth Stood Still" so that day was a all Connor and Cameroon day.
  So now I'm talking about yesterday the second so that was the day we flew out the flight was good it didn't have TV's like the flight there but I survived anyway it was only three hours, then when we got home we said hi to my beloved dog Tobasco and opened the christmas presents which were the half that we didn't take to Phuket the best present I got in Hong Kong was a new phone which was much better than my old Nokia.
  So now it's today the third all I did today was go to the skate park and ride on my rip stick. So tomorrow I'm going to write on my regular blog. Like I said at the beginning it's kind of annoying to be back from luxury and what makes it even worse is that my mum's flying out to her mum's home Barbados for work not for family but she will visit some relatives, but I'll miss her allot so what do I say now oh yeah that's it christmas/new year is officially over.
On Monday the 28th In the morning I went golfing with my dad. 
 After monday, on the 29th Jack and Kara and their dad came to visit us at our room, they asked me if I wanted to go quad biking with me I said sure even though I did it yesterday we did two hours which I think is way better than one and that's been the best quad biking so far. Then after that I went to the beach resort and went swimming with Jack and Connor we played water polo and went down the huge water slide.
Then on the 30th I went to one of my friends that I play rugby with who is called brendan we went on a big tour we went swimming under a water fall, river rafting and elephant trecking I was the one driving the elephant the commands were how! To go and Ho! To stop.
Now tonight is the thirty first and I'm going quad biking with brendan and going to a party with Jack and connor for new years eve.