It's finally chinese new year the actual day. So yesterday was the first day of chinese new year holiday. The first thing I did was sleep in for an hour then when I woke up I read my book for another hour. When I got up got changed had some breakfast and watched some TV I went down to the football club with my dad and played with a rugby ball. Then I saw Max Murphy a rugby friend we played some football with his brothers and had a good time. After my time playing I picked up my ice hockey boots and went for a skate at elements. Then after I skated for a while at the ice rink right above the rink I went and had some pizza at wild fire. Then I came home and chilled out. At ten o'clock I watched a six nations rugby game Scotland vs Wales Scotland deserved to win that match because in the first half they were all over Wales and getting some points on the score board. They were wining by a lot and making Wales make mistakes. Then in the second half scotland were basically the defense. They never got the ball because it looked like they weren't trying to get it. When there was about one minute left it was a tie then somehow Wales scored and won the match. For some reason that was a very depressing match. So now its a fresh day and chinese new year so everything is shut. But were going to one of the places that are luckily open most probably my favorite restaurant bubba gumps at the peak I cannot wait to eat ah yummy anyway. Happy chinese new year the year of the tiger.