It is the day after Chinese New Year - and what does that mean?  Fireworks!

To start off the day, I had Math tutoring on a test I am going to do to get into a school for next year called CDNIS (Canadian International School)- not the best way to start the day on a holiday!  

After that, I went to the Football Club.   When we got to the Football Club I got out of the car before everyone else and wandered off into the Cub with my head completely blank like I was hypnotized.  I was wandering round the CLub and it was like I had forgotten everything and I could not work out where my Mum and Dad and brothers went.  So, not panicking, I went to go and find them.  First, I went to look at the Coffee Shop and they were not there.  Then I went down a level to the Captains Bar, which was shut.  I am not sure why it was shut as it is regularly open but it must have been shut because it was the day after Chinese New Year, which was the day of the fireworks. After checking out the Captains Bar, I went to the Family Lounge and looked there.  It looked really busy!  It looked like all the tables were full and both computers were booked. In the Family Lounge Playroom I looked to see if Angus and Scott were in there playing with Mum.  But they weren’t.  After checking the Family Lounge, I checked the Sports Hall and they weren’t there either.  I was starting to wonder where they all were.  I had checked the shop which sells sports stuff, like T-shirts and sports equipment and  rugby balls.  And then I thought of all the places I hadn’t checked and there was one place I couldn’t believe I had forgotten.  I had forgotten the old playroom next to the Sport Halls.  After checking there and all the most likely places in the club I was really wandering where they were. I went outside and checked if they were still at the car, which was kind of unbelievable as it would have taken them like 20 minutes to get out of the car.  They could have still been there if Angus and Scott were shouting at each other.

Finally, I thought long and hard and came up with the one place I had not checked - the Sportsman’s bar down at the rugby/soccer pitch.  I went down to the Sportman’s bar and went on the pitch and looked through the window to the Sportman’s bar and I couldn’t see them.  When I was about to turn round and go and wait somewhere they would find me, my Dad came walking along the corridor to the Sportman’s and he said “Where where you? I looked everywhere.”  I said “ Dad, it’s fine, you’d have found me eventually!”

When lunch was finished, I played some squash with my family.  The game was pretty close.  The first game against Dad was a good game. The score was 4 to 9.  In the beginning of the match I was doing really well and winning 4 to nil.  Then Dad got an unstoppable rampage of points which won him the match.  While me and Dad were playing, Mum was with Scott and Angus playing squash.  After the game against Dad, Mum asked me if I wanted to  play against her.  That game was a really close game.  It was a tie for match point at 8 all.  We felt like we played for another twenty minutes until I scored the winning match point. It was a serve that hit in the very corner of the court. Then I played one last match against Dad, which I played much better in. The score was 6:9 to Dad. Oh yeah, well - I still lost but I played a much better game.

Then we all went to Jack’s flat.  Jack’s parents know my parents  and Jack and I are good friends.  When we got there we talked, ate snacks, and had a tour of their flat.  Jack’s room is just like mine except everything is bigger and newer.  For example, he has a bigger TV than me, he has a playstation 3 and I only have a playstation 2, and he has a bigger bed.  And don’t forget the drum set!   On his playstation we played a game called “Call of Duty”.  We then went to the playground.  I took Jack’s rip stick, Jack took his bike, Kara , Jack’s sister, took her roller blades and Scott, my middle brother, took nothing.

We came back up to watch the fireworks.  We were kind of disappointed and thought it was kind of funny. You could barely see the fireworks because we were too high to see them and because of the smoke hovering above them.  Jack and I eventually got bored of watching and went back into his room to play some more.

It was a good day but our view of the fireworks was not so good!