In the beginning of the day on Tuesday what did I do, guess what, math again! After another session of math for the test that's coming up I just did absolutely nothing. However it was a boring start but I had a surprise visiter Brendan. He was just around in the neighborhood and asked if he could come over for a while. When he came we played none stop play station and the two games we played were "goldeneye" which is a James Bond game but the game we played the most was "star wars battlefront two." After such a long time staring at a screen we asked if we could have a sleep over. Are parents said yes after that was confirmed.

 We went down to the football club where we made up a game which was half soccer half rugby. The game was played like this, we had a rugby ball and a soccer net you had to try punt, drop kick or grubber the ball ,those were all types of way you could kick a rugby ball, into the goal. That was really fun we also practiced a bit with my dad. When we left the football club we went via Brendan's house to pick up the stuff he needed.

 When we got home we watched a really good and funny movie Brendan brought from his house, called school of rock. When we finished watching we went to bed at  twelve. We would regularly go to sleep later but after that movie we just kind of felt like doing nothing. 

When we woke up at seven, well when Brendan woke up than woke me up. Guess what we did first play more playstation! what a surprise huh? When a couple hours passed we got informed that he was leaving in ten minutes! So we quickly got changed ate and I said good bye and he was gone. When that was over I went to the football club to play balling with Sabrina, Lydia and their mum Julie. Angus my smallest brother won as usual then I think it was Sabrina then scott and Lydia then me last well come on they all had bumpers so it couldn't go in the gutter. That was mostly all the interesting bits in that day. Today I went to the cinema and watched a movie I won't tell you find out in the next blog post.