It's the last two days of chinese new year, and it's the weekend. On saturday it was just like a normal day except after soccer Paul asked me if he could come over to mine. When he came over we played some playstation then we went down to Sandy Bay.

  When we got there we tried to get in but we found out that you had to be over eighteen to bring a guest which was paul. We tried to get in but I had to call my dad so he could let me and paul in. After we played a bit with the rugby ball we went to the kiosk and got some snacks then we went to the vending machine and got some drinks.

  By the time we got home Paul's mum arrived at the same time so I said bye and he left. Then it was almost the end of the day and I just chilled out at home.

  Now it's Sunday the last day of chinese new year and I went to rugby and had my last training session before the Kuala Lumpur tour. After rugby I went back to my house with Brendan for the barbecue at my house. Everyone that was going on tour could come and only three people didn't show up James, Bertie and Jack. It was so fun everybody was running around talking and having fun. About half way threw the party Scott my little brother got is finger stuck in the door hinge and he lost his nail and fractured his bone and had to have an operation. Anyway the desert was so good it was carrot cake or apple crumble with andy ice cream. When everyone left my room was a total MESS! I went to sleep in a pigsty. Now it's the first day of school after chinese new year.