On Satuday the 12 I played a rugby match against a singapore touring side. Now the call for players for this game was like four days bofore the match so it was anybody who could come. So it wasn't the first team or anything like that. But the other team were people who were hand picked from all the teams in singapore so as you could imagine they were pretty good. They also trained togother before the tour so we didn't do so well. I got injured half way thru the first game with a head injury I coudn't exactly remember what happened but I went back on for the second game we scored one try in that game. After the game oscar ,who goes to my school and plays rugby with me, went to my place. After hanging out a bit we went to "Ocean park" we went on loads of different rides like the dragon, pirate galleon, space wheel and the raging river. We didn't have enouph time to go on the mine train which I was annoyed about but other than that it was a great day.

  Althogh today Monday ,I missed out writing about Sunday, I havn't done anything at all but be a couch potato.