On saturday the 5th-6th I went to the second best arrangement in the Hong Kong that I think is the "East Asian Games Rugby 7s". It was just like the sevens all though it was only east Asia. who won the tournament was Japan but against our very home team Hong Kong! they played magnificently they beat China and Korea, which are both really good teams. Even though Hong Kong lost in the final they got the silver medal. The game was really close the score was 24-28 Hong Kong looked like they were going to win but at the end of the match they didn't but they still played amazingly well.

  Not only we watched rugby we also played rugby all the mini rugby kids under 12s and under played I played and my team beat "DEA tigers". It was a good game and after the match we all took a photo together, both teams. What my parents thought was good about it was that it wasn't as frantic as the international 7s but those 7s are still good as well. What I thought was good about it was that I got to go to the south stand for the very first time.