The second last day in Phuket was really fun, well you could call it my last real day because I flew out the next day in the afternoon. I went to bed that night really wanting this day to happen and I was really exited. I got up early and went to breakfast with my dad at the holiday club. I left early after almost being bored to death. Soon after I left Conner called my room saying come to the pool so I came. When I got there I couldn't find him so I asked his mum and dad where they went. They said that Conner and Cameron went in the direction of my room so I started swimming down the pool to my room because the pool almost goes round the whole hotel. I didn't even get half way when I heard them and saw them through the bushes. Conner and his brother Cameron asked me if I wanted to go canoeing with them. We didn't go all the way around the lagoon but when went under one of the bridges to the villas at the Sheraton.  Cameron went under them to have a look and me and Connor ditched him. When we met up we canoed a bit more then got bored and headed back. By the time Cameron arrived there me and Connor were only half way there. We got really bored then Conner came up with this really crazy but fun idea about capsizing our boats and standing up on top of them. We did that which was really fun and Connor found fish eggs on the bottom of his boat.

We left for quad biking after we had lunch at the pool side restaurant. Quad biking was really fun me and Conner had a huge debate about who was better but the best rider. I said "the best rider always goes at the front of the group" and I was at the front with Connor second his brother third and their dad last. Quad biking was really fun as usual and I bought a picture which is at the bottom of this. When I got back to my room it was quite late and we were getting ready to leave for Hong Kong after we had dinner at Puccini (the small restaurant next to my room).