It is now Easter day three and I have had a very fun two days. Yesterday we had a very nice buffet breakfast at the Holiday club seeing Jacks dad Stuart. One of the things I miss about the Holiday club is definitely its amazing breakfasts. I went straight from breakfast everyone to the room. I got bored and went to the swimming pool bar and we saw Connor and Cameron's mum and dad Linda and Dave Howell. I finally got my dad away from the caffe and to the pool tables. Me and my dad played two very fun games of pool him winning the first one and me winning the second in a very close game. Scott, mum and Angus came to visit and we went back to the swimming pool and then me Scott and dad went to horse riding with Kara. The horse riding was fun and it was cool because the guy holding the rains taught me how to control the horse. The bad side of it was that my horse wouldn't run or gallop. that made it kind of boring even though I did it a lot of times when I was younger it was still a good experience. I finished horse riding at the Dusit with Kara and Scott. We were also greeted by my dad and Kara's dad Stuart. Kara left with her dad and Angus and mum came. We all then went to a restaurant on the beach but I left early because I didn't feel so good.

Today I got up in the morning very tired from staying up as usual and went to have breakfast at a place in the hotel called birds of paradise. We all had buffet breakfast. I got dad to finally come and wait for a free pool space so we could play after the people who were playing now but he wondered of and we had to wait again but we were waiting on the other pool table. When I got over dad not being there when we could of played earlier, we played one game of pool which was really close but in the end he won with a really lucky shot. We both got back to the room and me and my brothers played for a while when we got bored. We went down to laguna beach resort and I went down the slide three or four times with my dad. I also taught Angus which is four years old how to put his head under the water in the swimming pool. Me and everyone got ready to go and we got the boat back to the Sheraton. We all hung out at the pool for a while then we went back to the room. I am now at the holiday club writing a blog post about today and tomorrow and I'm about to take a shuttle bus back.