I arrived back from Phuket last night around ten thirty. It has been a great holiday but I still haven't told you about the last couple of days of my holiday and a great final semi final for ice hockey. On Thursday I woke up really exited. I went to breakfast at the small restaurant right next to our room and had pancakes! I also had cereal. Conner came along while I was having breakfast. Me and Conner left the restaurant and went over to my villa. I showed him my room and all the rooms and then we went on the roof which Scott and Angus weren't allowed on. We had to climb over all the suitcases which acted like barriers to get up there. As we got on the roof the door shut behind us not knowing it had automatically locked. It spent us a while to find out when we did we thought of many very smart ways of getting off the roof, our best one was banging on the door as hard as we could hoping my mum would here us all the way down on the first floor. She eventually did after a long time of coming up with crazy ways to got off the roof. We then put on our sun screen and me Conner dad and Scott left for the water park (Splash Jungle).

We negotiated with a taxi driver the price for us going there and back. On the way there was so fun we talked with the driver about the F.A cup and he also heard us talking about some music and he played really good music. We were almost at the water park and I couldn't wait hearing what other people thought of it. When me and Conner got there we just bought a ticket and went in immediately we had to get changed first. Me and Conner went straight from the changing room to the slides. First we went on a warm up slide which didn't need a blow up ring and it was actually a really good. We then went on the big one's the first one we went on was Conner's favourite he called it the coin toss. The coin toss is a slide with rubber rings and started off pretty fast and then went into a huge ring which sprayed water on you then we went into a smaller ring round and me and Conner every time tried to go down backwards through the hole and we would go so fast. The other way to describe it is to say it's like one of those charity things where you put a coin in and it just goes round and round till in goes in the hole. There was another ride which just went straight down and then went up and there was no barrier at the top so it was like if you gain enough speed you go flying then you go drift over and go down backwards really fast through another channel. We got kind of bored and went to the in pool bar which was so nice. We then went to something called the lazy river but it was actually a lot of fun it was more fun then it looked. The current was pretty fast so every now and then we tried to stop and walk back when we had enough we went back to the rides but Conner tried to get out to late so the current carried him we eventually found each other it took a pretty long time because the river goes round the whole park. We went on the slides a bit more than had lunch. The food was awesome when we were done eating we went to the wave pool which was amazingly strong. We went on the slides our final times bought some stuff in the gift shop then went back to the Sheraton