I always miss a couple of days because I wait to do activities and then wright about everyday I've missed. So I'm going to start of with Monday, I went to a different hotel in laguna and played balls at the dusit. Then on the same day I went to another hotel called the alamanda ,which I used to stay at, and we went canoing around the lagoon. Then we went to the sheraton which is also another hotel and played ping pong and pool.
  Tuesday the 22nd the family went to the sheraton pool which is absolutely huge we played volley ball with angus me and mum which was a disaster which was real fun. They also had a bar in the pool. Then after we swam me and my dada had a quick game of pool which I won! Then I went cycling again when we went cycling we went to see a friend called Jack. He showed me his really cool electric mosquito killer it electricutes insects. I went swimming with Jack we kept throwing a rugby ball at each other. After that we went back to a place in laguna not a hotel called canal village. In canal village there was something called a roller ball it was a blow up hamster ball on water it was amazing I can't explain I broke a record for that day it was the longest on feet running for two minutes. The first time I did it I stepped on the zipp and it opened I got soaked. Now it's wednesday the 23 of december and it's almost christmas.