On Thursday the 24th I started of playing golf at six in the morning I got a new best score on that corse sixty five in total. Then after playing a good game of golf with dad then I went swimming with my mum and one of my little brothers Scott. Then I went to canal village and in canal village I went to the kids lounge and played some play station 2, then still in canal village I bought this like clay car and painted it most of it was red and it looked pretty good. When I just finished painting dad came along and it was time to go to a restaraunt called Totos, we were invited by friends Jack and Kara it was their dad's birthday before we went to Totos we went to a bar called Biby's. Me and jack played two games of pool I lost the first one just then won the second game then we went to eat at Totos the food there was great and after we ate we went and played one more game of pool which I won then we went home.
  25th Chistmas! I got loads of good presents like I got a I Touch. Then in the afternoon we went to a restataunt which had the best strawberry milshakes ever they were heaven then after we ate I went to a foot therapy place where you put your feet in a tank of fish which eat all the dead skin off your feet and hands I loved the treatment it felt awesome.
  Yesterday 26th Boxing day I in the morning did cabel water skiing, first I tried ski's I couldn't get round the traack with those so then I tried the one where you're knees on the board and I did one lap in that and that was the furthest I got but it was really fun.then I went back to the fish therapy place and did it again and also had a massage. So now it's the 27th and today I'm going quad biking with my dad.