On Monday the 28th In the morning I went golfing with my dad. 
 After monday, on the 29th Jack and Kara and their dad came to visit us at our room, they asked me if I wanted to go quad biking with me I said sure even though I did it yesterday we did two hours which I think is way better than one and that's been the best quad biking so far. Then after that I went to the beach resort and went swimming with Jack and Connor we played water polo and went down the huge water slide.
Then on the 30th I went to one of my friends that I play rugby with who is called brendan we went on a big tour we went swimming under a water fall, river rafting and elephant trecking I was the one driving the elephant the commands were how! To go and Ho! To stop.
Now tonight is the thirty first and I'm going quad biking with brendan and going to a party with Jack and connor for new years eve.