Right now I'm writing to you from Phuket I'm staying in a complex called "Laguna". In laguna their are many types of hotels like the "Sheriton", "Alamanda", "Banyan tree" which lots of people play golf at. Their are many other hotels in laguna but the hotel I'm staying in is the laguna holiday club. I'm a very special member of this hotel and complex and everybody knows me. I could go on and on about how great this place is but you could see all the photos in my gallery ,I'd put all the photos in by the end of the holiday,. So right now I'm going to catch up on what I've been doing in the week on Wednesday I went to golf with Leo Oscar wasn't their because he had olready gone on holiday. Then after that I went to Ocean park with Leo and Paul he met us their we had real fun that day. Then on Thursday we went to Hong Kong Disney land as a family we regulary go to the hotel and stay the night but the hotel was all boked out this year so we just went for the day, I went on space mountain thirteen times! it was good fun. Then on Friday we packed and that's mostly all we did. Yesterday Satuday we arrived we didn't do much but me and my dad went golfing. Now it's Sunday and now I'm at reception typing my blog and in a second I will go cycling around laguna with my dad.