Everyone was talking and shouting as they tried to get on the boat. Dr. John Hanes, an explorer who has been traveling around the world for several years with his partner Mr. Thomas Jones, arrived at the pier. When the two of them arrived they were looking around to try to get on the boat because it seemed that it was impossible to get on the boat because the entrances were being swarmed with people.  When they finally got on the boat they both went to their cabin and got themselves settled.  After they were unpacked,  they went up to the deck just as the Captain was announcing they would be leaving Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong.  

Dr.Hanes and Thomas were at dinner discussing what they would do when they arrived at    Southampton, England. Then they talked about what they would do and see on the journey.  

Dr. Hanes said “The Captain said that in about two weeks we might see some whales.”  

Thomas replied “Yes, there are many famous sightings of whales off the coast of Capetown.” “I can’t wait I’ve never seen real live whales, but I’ve studied about them.” Said Dr.Hanes.