When the boat started sinking Thomas and Jhon Hanes both got life jackets, and made sure they had everything they needed if something happened. Then they jumped out of the boat. When John’s head popped out of the water he looked for Thomas, but he was nowhere to be seen. Then Dr. Hanes started swimming around to try and find Thomas.

“Thomas!” Jhon cried.

He didn’t give up looking for him. They had been not just best friends but went around the whole world together. They met on one of Jhon’s earliest travels in his late twenty’s. After Jhon thinking about his long relationship with Thomas it inspired him to look even harder. He finally found him on a plank of wood floating a couple meters in front of him. When he assured it was him he swam as fast as he could towards him and saw him lying on the plank wood eyes close. Jhon put his head against Thomas’s chest to see if he was breathing. Jhon found out he was and sighed in relief as he fell asleep on the wooden plank.

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